Where are the serious doctors pushing back on the harm this madness will do?

Roger Kimball read through an “equity” guide published by the American Medical Association and the Association of American Medical Colleges so you don’t have to.  Either way, however, the results are terrifying:

From first sentence to last, the aroma of scolding virtucratic entitlement is by turns noxiously cloying and comically rebarbative.

For the comedy, try on these opening words: “The field of equity, like all other scholarly domains . . .” You snorted, didn’t you? You know that “equity” — which is Newspeak for Marxoid attacks on private property and merit-based advancement — is not a “field,” much less a “scholarly field,” but a vapid epithet chosen because it conjures edifying moral associations. …

… This surreal emission from two of the nation’s top medical organizations presents an advancing terminal condition. The prognosis for the patient is grim. Fortunately, contagion can be contained by laughter bolstered by doses of ridicule.

I’m not so sure Kimball’s prescription will do the trick.  The social contagion may be sufficiently advanced that the infected will only withdraw further from those who are causing them psychic pain.

On the other hand, widespread expression of disapproval to people who cannot withdraw from you so easily because they are your doctors and/or want your money may still be effective.

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