Here are some details about what it’s like to be a 15-week-old unborn child.

HillFaith has compiled a baker’s dozen of facts pertaining to unborn children at 15 weeks of gestation (via Mark Tapscott on Instapundit), such as these:

  • The baby’s body responds to both touch and pain.
    • The baby responds to light touches over most of the body.
    • If something touches the palm of the baby’s hand, the baby will bend his or her fingers as if to grasp the object.
    • Neurotransmitters specific to pain processing appear between 10 and 14 weeks’ gestation. The spinal nerves needed to transmit pain to the thalamus have formed by 15 weeks’ gestation.

In a pluralistic society recognizing a variety of rights and respecting differing religious beliefs, we can debate where different lines can be drawn, how much opinions can differ from one state to the next, and what the best approach to safeguarding life should be, but the truly extreme and totalizing approach of Roe v. Wade is a monstrous travesty.

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