Who knew elected officials’ constituents were literally chickens?

I’m torn between assuming that chickens must have really strong lobbyists and thinking voters need to begin questioning the priorities of the people they’re putting in office:

Neighboring states soon could see an influx of shoppers in search of eggs if Massachusetts lawmakers don’t come to an agreement on a new animal welfare law.

New England Brown Egg Council General Manager Bill Bell said once the new law takes effect in January, the majority of eggs currently being sold in Massachusetts won’t be in compliance.

“There will be the high price, or higher priced, organic eggs that are for sale, but that’s not going to dent that need for 90% more eggs if the law doesn’t change,” he explained.

At issue is a requirement for 50% more space per chicken than the national standard.  While I’m not sure how that compares, in practical terms, with the change in Rhode Island’s law that goes into effect July 2026, be aware that the chicken lobby is active in our state, too.

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