The foundation of government anti-COVID policy isn’t sound research and science.

As we wait with great anticipation proclamations from on high at the State House as to how we must live our lives in the Ocean State, David Catron’s explanation is worth reading about how some of the Biden administration’s own anti-COVID policies are manifestly not founded in science:

Last Thursday, President Biden announced his “COVID-19 Winter Plan.” Despite his claim that it will fight the disease with “science and speed,” it ignores virtually everything scientists have learned about coronavirus during the past two years. Indeed, it contains a number of elements that epidemiologists have denounced and that evidence has proven counterproductive. These include an irrational emphasis on vaccinating low risk children, the promotion of booster shots that the World Health Organization (WHO) has pronounced ineffective, travel bans that could very well jeopardize efforts to contain future outbreaks, and strident calls for private businesses to bully their employees into getting vaccinated.

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