Another contrarian observation about climate change.

Well, salmon should be hoping for global warming, anyway:

Melting glaciers may produce thousands of miles of new Pacific salmon habitat, a study published Tuesday by Nature Communications found.

As glaciers in the mountains of western North America melt, or retreat, they could produce around 4,000 miles of new Pacific salmon habitat by the year 2100, the data showed.

Just intuitively, I’ve long wondered why the warming of the planet should be considered bad.  Warmth is energy and life.

Of course, this is where the alarmists will prophesy deadly storms and the planet spinning off its axis, but if we put that aside as yet to be proven, a changing climate is about the tradeoffs in nature.  Salmon like new streams; some other animals liked things the way they were.

There’s something reactionary in climate alarmism (which is interesting, given its leveraging for revolutionary ends).  The way things were when we first learned about them always feels right in some sense, even if change is neutral or better.

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