Incorrect truck tolls are another source of inconvenience.

When people in government are pushing for new programs, especially programs to extract money from the economy, it’s crucial to remember all the little unforeseen events — inconveniences, errors, and so on.  The fact that nothing ever works as perfectly in real life as it does on paper is why voters and taxpayers ought always to have a baseline skepticism.

For example:

Truck toll gantries in Rhode Island are supposed to only be charging big trucks, but the NBC 10 I-Team learned that hasn’t always been the case.

Hundreds of people in passenger vehicles have been getting erroneously charged, including Lori Messier of Warwick.

At a minimum, this sort of automatic tolling adds a general need to keep an eye on your statements.  It’s another thing.  And although the state is trying to track all of these people down pro-actively, the cost of their time skims off the value of the program in the first place.

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