What’s the plural of “hubris”?

The question derives from New Neo suggesting that thinking installing a figurehead president would simply leave the country to run itself was “hubris squared.”  Is that hubres?

Our elites stoked a sense of panic to seize control, with this underlying reality:

Whether or not you think Biden won fair and square in 2020 or because of fraud, it hardly matters to the point I’m attempting to make. The reality is that millions of people voted for a man who was not up to the task, and they rejected the man who had been doing a relatively good job by the usual objective measures.

One of the reasons they talked themselves into doing this was that they did not think it necessary to have any skills to be president – and by “skills,” I mean any record of having made good decisions in forty or so years of public service. They seem to have thought that a country like the US flew on automatic pilot and would go about without much guidance, and that is, just as long as Democrats held power.

And indeed, those Democrats didn’t have to be chosen for skills or track records, either. People could choose these Democrats because they were “progressive” and checked certain demographic boxes. Kamala Harris and the rest of Biden’s Cabinet are prime examples.

You can see this at every level.  Qualification for office seems no longer to matter.  Only holding seats for progressives.

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