Ruggerio is getting feisty!

This is a notably aggressive tweet, responding to provocations from progressive gubernatorial candidate Matt Brown, from the historically reserved Senate President, Dominick Ruggerio:

Mr. Brown claims to know working people. I’ve fought for working people my whole life, and I just got done fighting for wage bonuses equating to $15/hr for childcare workers.

Matt, you live in one of RI’s richest zip codes & swindle money off millennials to pay campaign debts.

Here’s Brown’s opening salvo, responding to a Boston Globe interview with Ruggerio:

“I don’t think anyone who is working right now is getting less than $15 an hour” —

Stunning ignorance. The corrupt, conservative politicians running our state have absolutely no idea what life is like for working people.

Except for the silly comment that the politicians running our state are conservatives, I’d say they’re both right about each other.  RI’s insiders are fighting over who gets to soak Rhode Islanders for their own gain.

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