Sometimes headline misfires make for imaginative fictional takes.

If I were a teacher or professor of creative writing, I’d save headlines like the following from a WPRI story by Melanie DaSilva for class assignments.  English is wonderful for ambiguities, which makes it an excellent language in which to embed two, three, or even four layers of subtext, but a sometimes-challenging language with which to communicate an unambiguous statement concisely without the risk of being misunderstood.

The assignment would be to seize upon the humorously unintended way in which the headline could be read in order to craft a work of fiction:

Man who confronted security guard, broke into home naked to undergo mental health evaluation

Honestly, I’d advised people who break into homes for mental health evaluations to do so clothed.  Securing an appointment might be even better, although doing so wouldn’t make the nature of your problem quite as obvious.

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