Geena Pham isn’t really disproving Morgan’s concerns. [Language warning]

Geena Pham is a progressive candidate for state senate and a public school teacher.  Here she is tweeting about Patricia Morgan’s controversial comment:

Delete your fucking Twitter, Patricia. You’re a disgrace to Rhode Island.

Honestly, a world in which a public school teacher running for political office tweets such a thing is exactly a world in which Morgan’s comment is 100% justified.

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Bernard Zoungrana
Bernard Zoungrana
1 year ago

This is a joke of an article, and I really hope you are only writing this to feed your family and that you don’t actually believe the malarkey you’re spewing.

April Rhodes
April Rhodes
1 year ago

I think you’d save a ton of keystrokes if you simply stated the following:

“I support racism and the erasure of Black History because I am completely unaffected.”

No need for the word salads. Just speak your truth. It’s VERY obvious.

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