Hospitalizations are on the dividing lines of our different worlds.

Jack Phillip reports for Epoch Times:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director (CDC) Dr. Rochelle Walensky says the number of hospitalizations for children with COVID-19 has increased in recent days, but she pointed out that many of them are not related to the virus.

“Many of them are actually coming in for another reason. But they happen to be tested when they come in and they’re found incidentally to have COVID,” she told MSNBC on Dec. 29, referring to the disease caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus.

Walensky also noted that the high number of child hospitalizations is “common” for this “time of year,” adding that children “more often” don’t require intensive care unit treatment. Toward the end of the segment, Walensky said that children who are eligible should receive COVID-19 vaccinations.

Even if you think asymptomatic COVID is a big deal, this sort of information has to be a giant asterisk on your analysis.

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1 year ago

The definition of evil – it’s like a movie! These entities trying to make “gain of function” to make a virus more harmful (instead of how to fight viruses better!). I wonder how long the extremists were scheming to release it…. People fighting it off are quite amazing, though – I’ve seen people who are very healthy fight it off even after getting an initial exposure, before herd immunity has been achieved, meaning they had no gradual buildup of exposure. I’ve seen a 65 yr-old who was not in top health, fight it off, with natural healing nutrients, etc. The sad part is that the elderly and very compromised were often not able to fight it off, especially if the hospital geniuses put them on ventilators that pushed air in too forcefully for the condition their lungs were in! This is worse than many movies!!! Academic researchers colluding with government health agencies, political extremists AND Communist enemies!! colluding with pharmacy companies. And they are all making money or gaining more control via the whole craziness. (Just a note: many hospitals were not doing well financially before this whole thing – now they’re Fine!!!). And this article – advocating a vaccine for Children! when that is not even the reason they went in for….. not logical, and crazy….. And in general, vaccines work better for things like polio, that does not mutate (easily), not things like Flu and Covid, that mutate all the time! Flu vaccines don’t work well…. that’s the history…..

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