Who doesn’t want New England to be warmer?

Most people with whom one speaks on an unseasonably warm winter’s day in New England will not express despair.  There’s a reason defenders of the status quo bring up weather as an alternative reason to taxes and regulations for why people leave the region.

Of course, every development can have its dark lining if that’s the message one wants to convey:

New England is warming significantly faster than global average temperatures, according to a new study. …

With the annual temperatures in New England expected to rise sharply in the coming decades, the authors of the study say shorter, milder winters will present a variety of challenges for rural industries such as logging, maple syrup harvesting, the ski industry, and a range of other consequences.

This is life, and things change; the question is how we should handle it, not how we can try to prevent its happening.  While having sympathy for those who’ve build livelihoods around a changing status quo, we should also have confidence that, on the whole, a warmer New England will have more opportunities for economic activity, not fewer.

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