Hey, why should historians be expected to be able differentiate the start and end dates of major events?

On various issues of public controversy recently (notably transgenderism), some conservatives have suggested that forcing the population to assent to outlandish propositions is the point.  Whether changing how society thinks about a particular matter is the central goal or incidental, progressives want to train the public to accept reality as whatever the activists say it is.

One wonders if something similar applies to the people whom progressive activists elevate.  Nikole Hannah-Jones, a now-star professor who came to fame claiming to be some sort of history expert recasting America’s founding in terms of slavery, appears not to know what year the Civil War began.

Of course, if you were asking people on the street about a fact like that, you’d probably expand their target area to a decade, at least, but this is a person who’s “disrupting the narrative” and having a real effect on the education of young Americans.  That she would make such a mistake really does suggest that forcing people to pretend activists are serious academics is another part of the point of domination.

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