Arizona illustrates what putting students above adults looks like.

Imagine living in a place where the sort of policy Paula Bolyard describes on PJ Media is actually a possibility, or even a part of the public conversation:

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey just fired a shot across the bow of teachers’ unions and COVID-panic advocates who insist on keeping kids out of classrooms, despite the minimal risk of severe illness and death from the virus among school-age children. …

The program will fund “up to $7,000 for needs related to Arizona Department of Economic Security-approved child care, school-coordinated transportation, online tutoring and school tuition.” [Emphasis added] …

Under the innovative new program in Arizona, parents will be able to access the education funds, subject to income requirements, if a school closes for even one day.

If parents think the obvious thing to do is shut the doors of their children’s schools and go to remote learning, fine, but those who disagree shouldn’t have to be locked into a situation in which not only are their children deprived of education they’ve paid for through taxes, but they, themselves, are apt to be attacked viciously for expressing a contrary opinion.

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