Do media organizations not know what they’re giving up, or do they think it’s worth it?

Writing for Heritage, Tim Murtaugh laments the continued credibility drain from the mainstream media:

It’s obvious that the media’s hatred for Donald Trump colored nearly everything they wrote or said during his presidency. But one hoped that after he left the White House, the media might recover a little objectivity.

Sadly, a review of 2021 shows that in many cases, it simply did not happen.

My read is that many mainstream journalists bought the lies that (1) Donald Trump was uniquely dangerous to the world and (2) systemic racism exists and infects the hearts of all white people, so they thought their self-professed objectivity had to bend a little.  Over the four years of the Trump administration, however, they discovered that they really, really liked letting their biases run wild.

They won’t let those biases go until they have no choice, and it may very well require news organizations actually to replace their personnel rather than relying on the same people to put their overt prejudices back in a bottle.

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