It always comes down to confiscation, doesn’t it?

Via Instapundit comes a telling story out of Washington University in St. Louis:

Student leaders at Washington University in St. Louis want school officials to evict the “disproportionately wealthy and white” men in campus fraternities and give their buildings to “historically marginalized” groups.

Writing in Student Life for himself and almost 50 leaders of WashU student organizations, Student Union President Ranen Miao whines that while campus fraternities have a total of nine houses on campus, while underrepresented organizations have but three.

Miao, a triple major in political science, sociology, and women, gender, and sexuality studies, contends the fraternities “have done nothing to earn the space they occupy.”

Note, by the way, that fraternities don’t discriminate by race, whereas the identity groups that want their houses do.

Radicalism always comes to this.  The activists don’t value what a targeted group does or represents, so they lay a moral claim to be given what that group has.  There is no endpoint.  When the group his beaten and smashed to have minority standing, the progressives will simply shift to “there is no place here for them” rhetoric.

This is fascism.

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