Is the NCAA an indicator of the breaking of the dam of reality on COVID?

This is encouraging and long overdue:

As ESPN reports, the NCAA’s COVID-19 Medical Advisory Group updated its definition of “fully vaccinated” to account for various new vaccinations, boosters, and immunity factors.

“Fully vaccinated individuals now include those within two months of receiving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, five months of receiving the Pfizer vaccine series or six months of receiving the Moderna vaccine series;” reports ESPN staff writer Jeff Borzello, “and individuals who are beyond the aforementioned timeline and have received the booster vaccine.”

But perhaps the biggest development came in the following line.

“Individuals within 90 days of a documented COVID-19 infection fall within the equivalent of ‘fully vaccinated.’”

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1 year ago

The narrative is no longer sustainable. Thank you Omicron! This looks promising!

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