Some possible specifics of the reason for Alexander-Scott’s resignation emerge.

Per John DePetro:

What caused the relationship to deteriorate rapidly was a McKee media mouthpiece [Dan Yorke] who bragged that the Governor shared with him a plan to remove Scott if elected in the fall. Scott angrily confronted McKee who denied the conversation [Yorke] but the damage was done.

John thinks it was a “blunder” that McKee didn’t replace Alexander-Scott during the summertime after he took office.  The only thing that gives me pause before agreeing is McKee’s track record when bringing in his own people.  Replacing Alexander-Scott would only have provided benefit if her replacement was reasonably competent and non-corrupt, which is by no means assured.

One takeaway for Rhode Islanders, however, has to do with the office of lieutenant governor.  If the only official duty of that position is to be ready to become governor on short notice, perhaps we should expect lieutenant governors to spend their time closely following the governor’s activities and developing a plan to replace him or her.

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