Rhode Island is compounding badness on badness.

Not mentioned in the stories about Governor Dan McKee’s delay of the new nursing home staffing mandates is that they are arguably the most-extreme minimum standards in the world.  Imposing new mandates in the middle of a nurse-staffing crisis is simply insane.  Holding off these mandates would be considered an obvious thing to do in any community that is (1) sane and (2) not completely controlled and placed in the service of labor unions.

The fact that our legislators wouldn’t do the obvious is not, however, the most maddening aspect of this situation.  No, that award goes to the fact that the governor is making this change, in my view, illegally, by invoking his enhanced emergency powers… which the General Assembly has been content to accept when it saved them from taking responsibility.

Ultimately, that’s the most important thing.  The governor should let these mandates go into effect so that our “representatives” can get what they wanted… and pay the price because of the disaster they would have obviously caused.

Eventually, we need voters to be able to see just what damage they’re doing with their votes.

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