Moses Brown wokeness shows what high-end private schools are really for.

In fairness, I don’t think Nicole Solas has it quite right when she calls Moses Brown School “the most expensive private school in Rhode Island.  Even without boarding, it looks like St. George’s, St. Andrew’s, Portsmouth Abbey, and the Lincoln School all have Moses Brown beat.  But who’s going to quibble over a few thousand dollars when you’re paying around $40,000 or more per year?

Nicole mentions the tuition on her way to sharing a notice to middle-school families at Moses Brown asking parents to “coach” their children not to buy Valentines cards that “feel ‘gender normative'” or “portray only White human characters.”  I suppose the reference to “human” is meant to create allowances for white bunnies and that sort of thing.

This isn’t surprising.  I’m sure Moses Brown provides some educational advantage over more cost-effective schools in the area, but the overarching value for which parents are paying is induction to the elite, and Marxists’ greatest coup, recently, has been making their poisonous ideology a marker of status.

As counterintuitive as that may seem, one can see the attraction:  It’s OK to spend a livable household income on school every year as long as you adopt an ideology that looks down on the culture of those who actually live on that much.

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