America’s collapse in international respect must be stunning.

This can’t be good:

In the past few months, I have spoken to dozens of parliamentarians, officials and diplomats across Europe who have simply lost faith in American leadership. One very senior British MP told me last week that Biden’s foreign policy was “appalling” and “completely useless”.

And this is coming from America’s closest friend and ally, the UK. With an unashamedly anti-Brexit stance, and an arrogant willingness to lecture Britain on the Northern Ireland Protocol, Biden has succeeded in undermining the Special Relationship.

As for America’s enemies, they see Biden as a soft touch, whose time in office is a welcome opportunity to challenge America’s might and undercut the country’s strategic power. It is no coincidence that, with the former senator from Delaware in the White House, Russian forces are massing on the border of Ukraine, China is openly threatening to invade Taiwan, and Iran is rapidly building up its nuclear program.

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