Isn’t it curious how things that aren’t this are decried when Republicans are in office, but things that are this are not decried when Democrats are in control?

Besty Woodruff Swan and Daniel Lippman broke the details this week of a new Capitol Police initiative that involves deep dives into the speech, background, and lifestyle details of who members of Congress are meeting with, including donors, Hill staff, mayors, state legislators, and other Americans exercising their First Amendment right to petition their government. …

The Capitol Police have provided no detailed justification. Nor have they said what they are doing with the records, how long those records are being stored, or what other purposes they have. The agency is only subject to congressional oversight — not to public records requests.

Federalist writer Rachel Bovard goes on to describe how easy it is “to imagine” this practice becoming politicized, but come on.  We all know this is political in its intent and its formation.  We also know supposed watchdogs will cease to tolerate this if access to such powers switches partisan hands.

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