Here’s a reminder that something historic is happening in Canada.

These events will surely be mentioned in history books, so it’s very strange that they aren’t a bigger part of the news:

The border crossing between Coutts, Alberta (CA) and Sweet Grass, Montana (USA) continues to be blocked as truckers allied against COVID-19 restrictions and vaccine passports are united.  The Alberta protests are in support of the larger trucker protest taking place in Ottawa.

Tensions are increasing as the truckers are refusing to move, but the [Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)] has vowed to get rid of the blockade.  Supporters for the truckers are working through freezing temperatures to keep them supplied with food and fuel to keep the blockade in place. Even farm tractors have joined the effort.

The existence of a crowdfunding campaign to pay resulting legal bills brings to mind the time, recently, when celebrities (including the current vice president of the United States, Kamala Harris) campaigned for bail funds for violent left-wing protesters.

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