Rep. Kislak is playing the standard, destructive Marxist game.

Online and in testimony, enough people spoke out against legislation that would mandate the sexual grooming of school children that legislators clearly felt the heat.  To my experience, they often sign onto these bills with next-to-no thought — like people signing a meaningless petition on their way into the local pharmacy.  “What’s this do? OK, that sounds alright; I’ll sign.”

This comment from the primary sponsor, Democrat Rebecca Kislak (Providence), deserves note:

The primary sponsor of the bill, Rep. Rebecca Kislak, would not define what “pleasure” meant in the legislation during an interview.

“I think that one word in the legislation is not, should not be the focus here,” Rep. Kislak said.

If you suspect she’s giving away which one word is actually the heart of the legislation, you’re probably right.  Otherwise, they’d just take it out.  It’s a Marxist bomb, inserted into the law as if its definition doesn’t even matter, only to be an exploitable linchpin to the harm of our children and our community later.

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