Canada’s crackdown on the trucker protest is a major warning sign.

Jordan Peterson has shared a note from one of the organizers of the Ottawa protests:

From BJ Dichter, one of the organizers of the Ottawa protest. If you don’t think this could happen to you or someone you love you’re a fool. He’s been made a nonperson. Without being charged or tried. Is this what we’re now doing to people who differ in political opinion?

All of my bank accounts, person and corporate and all my credit cards have been frozen. Has happened to many others. It feels like being banished from the midlevel [Medieval?] village left to die.

It’s chilling to see the number of comments to Peterson’s post that completely ignore the significance of due process.  In the view of some, the government warned him to stop, and this is simply the consequence for his actions.

There are dark times coming if we don’t turn this around soon in the West.  In the meantime, I foresee cash enjoying a surge in interest.

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