Just when I was beginning to respect the Projo again, Katherine Gregg lets loose some partisan COVID propaganda.

As much of the local, state, and national media goes woke, established publications like the Providence Journal have seemed more even-handed in contrast.  An article by Katherine Gregg about a Rhode Island psychiatrist who dissents from the demanded view on COVID blows that impression up.  Some of the paragraphs that make me wonder whether the Projo has laid off all its editors.

For instance, what is the relevance of the date to this particular story?

On a broadcast, aired on the anniversary of the January 6 siege of the nation’s Capitol, she lamented the COVID “hysteria” being perpetrated by “many different media outlets about the virus.”

What evidence does Gregg have that the doctor was speaking based on “talking points” rather than her informed opinion?

Asked if McCance-Katz had been given the go-ahead to argue GOP talking points in venues outside Rhode Island, a spokesman for the state’s Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals said…

Gregg throws a bunch of stuff in the pot to make Dr. McCance-Katz (no relation) seem like a partisan Republican and then blame her for long-running troubles at the state-run Eleanor Slater Hospital, but it’s a farce to enforce an partisan, ideological line and distract from true responsibility.

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