Add a leaky Dunk to the signs of RI’s deterioration.

For the cost of taxes and the cost of living around here, why do Rhode Islanders tolerate this sort of thing?

For the third time in the last four years on national television, the Dunkin’ Donuts Center has served as a national embarrassment, as games have had to be canceled or delayed because the management of the facility can’t maintain the building properly.

Twice before, concerns about players’ safety forced games to be stopped, and in one case, a game had to be shifted to Providence College’s Alumni Hall. The Friars lost that game.

It’s a great analogy.  A private organization (with a Catholic foundation) has some amazing success, and our government insider system does nothing but leach and tarnish.  Lest you forget, The Dunkin’ Donuts Center is managed by the Convention Center Authority, which is very much part of RI’s insider system.

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