Funny how we’ve forgotten why the state took over Providence schools.

It’s depressing to say, but it looks like the anti-reform strategy of the teachers unions and other special interests succeeded.  From the beginning, it was clear that the plan was to delay and obfuscate attempts at correcting the unforgivably terrible performance of Providence schools until the attention of the public moved on.

For some reason, it was this tweet from Providence Teachers Union VP Jeremy Sencer that heralded their success:

Last night’s @RISenate hearing made it clear that we can do the TAP work for @pvdschools better without the divisive, chaotic @RIDeptEd takeover. We have the passion & talent in PVD!

If anybody was (1) paying attention, (2) remembered the recent past, and (3) cared, Sencer would have been too concerned about backlash to state such a thing publicly.

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