Paying your debts is social justice.

Maybe I’m just entering that late-middle-age phase, but it seems to me that younger adults — or all of us, with reference to times that were before our time — too infrequently understand the experience of the past.  Consider this find from Tim Worstall for Accuracy in Media:

A new piece from Teen Vogue says that student loans really must be forgiven because going traveling on vacation is so good for mental health.

No, really, that is what the piece says: “[T]he repayment pause went into effect soon after, and she was grateful. Without needing to make that monthly payment, she’s been able to put money into other things that are important to her, such as travel, which she says has helped her mental health.”

Sure, we like to travel, a vacation, as much as the next person. We do differ with the conclusion reached though: “You know, that’s not only eliminating student loan debt.”

As Worstall goes on to explain, “the economy must add up.”  Somebody, somewhere, will bear the cost of your education, and a generation steeped in social justice ideology ought to understand that somebody will probably be way down the hill from them.

Paying your debts is social justice.

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