We have a real opportunity to flip the script for younger generations.

Whether in a fictional battle of good and evil or real-life politics, when the dark side is ascendant, we have an unfortunate tendency to ascribe to it a competence it does not have.  Sure, a cabal of elite globalists may scheme on behalf of a Great Reset, but… they’re nuts.  In the long run, their scheme will not work — we know this — and there’s no reason to assume they will succeed in implementing a plan that is sure to fail.

This truism can be difficult to feel because pathologies can be effective in a limited scope.  Progressives have undeniably conquered education, which gives them a tremendous amount of influence.  That the field of education was vulnerable to nonsense, however, does not make nonsense any more rational.  Thus, in reading and in life, one might notice a peculiar confusion among younger adults.  They’ve been thoroughly indoctrinated into an incoherent set of beliefs that is actually contrary to the values it claims to uphold, and they can’t help but learn from the more subtle, but more persistent, teacher of reality.

One bit of evidence is a VICE article on which I commented for Accuracy in Media.  Seeking an explanation for the political establishment’s turn against work-from-home policies, Katie Way finds no villain as obvious as capitalism.  Click the link for the full response, but as I write, to the contrary, “the ideology that wants everybody on an orderly treadmill from home to train to work to cafeteria/restaurant is socialism.”

Conservatives need only find a way to clear the fog of indoctrination from the eyes of the young, and “America’s political landscape would change overnight.”


Featured image by David Clode on Unsplash.

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