Pride crosswalks are the establishment of religion we should worry about.

Jordan Peterson has this right, but the darkness of the fact needs to be emphasized:

jordanbpeterson: Demarcating the new
Sacred space

We’ve been seeing teens charged with felonies for riding over these sections of road disrespectfully, even as Hamas supporters get away with defacing statues.  It’s obvious we’re being demanded to treat these symbols with reverence, as if they’re the state religion, but this religion has an important, tyrannical difference.

I wouldn’t want an image of our Lord painted on the street precisely because it couldn’t do otherwise than be defaced.  These people paint their sacred symbols on the road explicitly so that they can force people to treat them gingerly. They even put up cameras to keep a watch for transgressors.

In keeping with the notion of “pride” as a high virtue to be celebrated, the purpose is to be in your face while making you take off your shoes and bow down.  This is the deepest form of tyranny.

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