Abe Greenwald explains how the radical Left is somehow getting along with reactionary jihadists.

The explanation is worth a read in full:

Maybe you’re not convinced. Perhaps you’re inclined to agree with former U.S. ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, who tweeted in May, “Hamas has nothing in common at all with liberal or progressive values.” If you think he has a point, look more closely at those protesting in sympathy with Hamas. You’ll find every color in the identity rainbow. Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ groups, intersectional feminist organizations, and others salute October 7 as righteous resistance and condemn the Israeli response as genocide. If you still find it strange that people nominally committed to the defense of minorities, women, and the transgendered are supporting a racist, male-supremacist, anti-gay terrorist regime, you’ve missed the purpose of social justice: to “finally shake off this noxious ruling order all together.” This necessarily means destroying the Jewish state, laying waste to the U.S. as we know it, and deifying the enemies of both.

As the saying goes, the issue is never the issue.  The revolution is always the issue.  These groups unite comfortably in hatred of you and a wish to dominate you and everything you’ve built.

I suspect if we let it come to it, the jihadists will defeat the wokesters, but we shouldn’t let it come to that just to find out.

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