Drone strike aftermath

The botched drone attack was much worse than a standard collateral damage incident.

By admin | September 18, 2021 |

The details of the U.S. drone strike on a humanitarian worker in Afghanistan are horrific: The U.S. acknowledged reports of civilian casualties and said they may have been caused by secondary explosions. The family said when the 37-year-old Zemerai, alone in his car, pulled up to the house, he honked his horn. His 11-year-old son…

A water drop and ripples

If necessary to see the tyranny, reverse the political parties.

By admin | September 18, 2021 |

Let’s be blunt about it:  the January 6 protesters being treated so poorly are political prisoners.  In the United States.  Reverse the parties, and we’d be hearing nonstop mainstream media proclamations about how Biden is “literally Hitler.”  The government is actually arguing that stay-at-home-parents are more of a terrorist threat!

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