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Politics This Week with John DePetro: Awash in Failure

By Justin Katz | November 21, 2022 |

John DePetro and Justin Katz review varied ways in which Rhode Island’s establishment is failing the state.

A water drop and ripples

Our political impressions of violence might be a lot like pockets of traffic.

By Justin Katz | October 31, 2022 |

I just saw a formerly conservative pundit agreeing with an always ridiculous advocate for rule by “experts” that the right is more prone toward and tolerant of violence. I honestly cannot understand how anybody could believe such a thing. I mean, we could maybe have an interesting conversation about tendencies toward what we might call…

A water drop and ripples

Watching both sides run with their narratives of the Paul Pelosi attack is amazing and disturbing.

By Justin Katz | October 30, 2022 |

One despairs of our ever coming together if we live in two separate realities.  Many details of the attack don’t make sense, starting with the fact that the Pelosi’s home is apparently so vulnerable and the fact that calling somebody a “friend” to 911 is apparently a code that we’re all supposed to know, let…

A water drop and ripples

Just a few months ago, a progressive group was paying people to stalk Supreme Court justices.

By Justin Katz | October 29, 2022 |

One person was seeking Justice Kavanaugh with a gun.  It is perfectly reasonable to ask, “what about,” now, as progressives and Democrats behave as if an attack on the Speaker of the House’s husband is not only the most outrageous event in recent memory, but also a direct consequence of “MAGA Republican” rhetoric.

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Politics this Week with John DePetro: Election as a Tale of Two RIs

By Justin Katz | October 25, 2022 |

John DePetro and Justin Katz explore the central divide of Rhode Island politics.

A water drop and ripples

Think about Democrats’ election rhetoric.

By Justin Katz | October 24, 2022 |

They spent all of Republican President George W. Bush’s two terms talking about how he was “selected, not elected.”  They spent all of Republican President Donald Trump’s term claiming he’d won because of Russian interference. Now they’re claiming that if their party doesn’t win majorities during the election in a few weeks, it will be…

Crazy Eggs

Can the U.S. Survive the Madness of Its Politics?

By Justin Katz | October 20, 2022 |

It may be Crazy Season, but the rationale Democrats are giving for their votes is enough to make one despair of our nation’s capacity to analyze problem, develop solutions, and survive.

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COVID propaganda could be a great communications lesson (but probably won’t be at URI).

By Justin Katz | October 13, 2022 |

Professor Renee Hobbs specializes in media literacy education for the University of Rhode Island Harrington School of Communication and Media.  This tweet of hers therefore struck me as indicative of misplaced focus: An important note of specificity is needed:  Paxlovid skepticism is only a communication failure for those who wish to promote it (for profit,…

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Politics this Week with John DePetro: Disconnects as a Sign of Dysfunction

By Justin Katz | October 12, 2022 |

John DePetro and Justin Katz discuss the dysfunction of Rhode Island politics.

Dan McKee

The strange story of Rhode Island politics presents an opportunity.

By Justin Katz | October 11, 2022 |

Remarkably consistent polls from WPRI and the Boston Globe tell a strange, yet familiar, story. Rhode Islanders think their state is going in the wrong direction — 45% versus 34% (WPRI) and 48% versus 35% (Globe).  Meanwhile, favorable opinions of incumbent Democrat Governor Dan McKee almost match those results inversely to what one would expect —…