Outrageous Employee Compensation Liabilities Continue to Haunt General Motors; Will American Taxpayers End Up Paying the Bill?

By | June 8, 2005 |

Greg Wallace at What Attitude Problem? highlights this week’s news on General Motors, building on the news previously highlighted here on this blogsite. First, a Washington Post article states: General Motors Corp., the world’s biggest automaker, has offered buyout and early retirement packages to some of its nonunion, salaried workforce in North America as the…

If You Won’t Deal With Economic Reality, Then It Will Deal With You

By | May 1, 2005 |

The overall economic cost structure of the American airline industry is pathetically unsustainable. This is not news; the elephant has been sitting in the room for years now but most everyone has refused to acknowledge its presence.

LNG II: Safety History

By Marc Comtois | April 23, 2005 |

In my last post, I began the process of trying to seperate fact from hyperbole in an attempt to begin to understand the real issues surrounding building or expanding an LNG storage facility in Rhode Island or somewhere on Narragansett Bay. From that post I concluded that the central issue was safety and that it…

Trends in International Markets & Trade

By | March 28, 2005 | Comments Off on Trends in International Markets & Trade

The most recent issue of The National Interest contains an article by Peter Drucker entitled “Trading Places” which discusses international economic trends: The new world economy is fundamentally different from that of the fifty years following World War II. The United States may well remain the political and military leader for decades to come. It…

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