Child’s Best Friend

By Justin Katz | January 8, 2009 |

The following story makes me think that it mightn’t be a bad idea finally to fill the gap left by our previous dog: An animal that wildlife experts believe to be a coyote attacked a 7-year-old girl on Prudence Island on Dec. 30, grabbing her by the arm and dragging her toward the woods. But…

September 11 Remembrances

By Carroll Andrew Morse | September 11, 2008 |

Tom Kenney, posting at RI Future…And in the midst of vast despair and destruction Beyond comprehension in its scope It was a picture of three firefighters raising a flag That gave America hope.Michael Morse from last year…I learned an important lesson that day and the weeks and months to follow. The people we are sworn…

RIP, Tony Snow

By Donald B. Hawthorne | July 12, 2008 |

Tony Snow died today, at age 53, of cancer. We remember his family in our prayers as we pay tribute to the memory of a wonderful man. Some tributes: Cal Thomas Byron York Shannen Coffin Kathryn Jean Lopez Michelle Malkin Fox News Several selections from Snow’s writings about Reagan, Parting Thoughts on the Ultimate Sacrifice,…

Rhode Island Soldiers Killed Serving In Operation Iraqi Freedom

By Carroll Andrew Morse | May 26, 2008 |

Sgt. Gregory A. Belanger Sgt. Charles T. Caldwell Spec. Michael Andrade Capt. Matthew J. August Lance Cpl. Matthew K. Serio Sgt. Christopher S. Potts Lance Cpl. Holly A. Charette 2nd Lt. Matthew S. Coutu Cpl. Brian R. St. Germain Sgt. Moises Jazmin Lance Cpl. Eric P. Valdepenas Sgt. Michael R. Weidemann Special Agent Nathan J.…

Major Andrew Olmsted, 1969 – 2008

By Carroll Andrew Morse | January 9, 2008 |

United States Army Major Andrew Olmsted was killed in northern Iraq on January 3. We knew each other in high school, when we were both members of the Model United Nations club! I’ve discovered, too late, that he was an active milblogger. Major Olmsted wrote a final blog post, to be published in the event…

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