Holding Our Breath on the Budget

By Justin Katz | June 19, 2008 |

Perhaps the feeling isn’t as common as I implied last night on the Matt Allen Show (segment streamable by clicking here, or download), but I can’t shake a feeling of creepy serenity around the budget battle. Thus far, the legislature hasn’t changed anything dramatic from the governor’s proposal that would fire us up on the…

Letting It Out On Air

By Justin Katz | June 5, 2008 |

Hear Marc’s scream of frustration last night on the Matt Allen show, streamed by clicking here (or download). Really, what can be said about a handful of citizens requesting that their and our taxes to be raised?

Slightly More Violent

By Justin Katz | May 30, 2008 |

All of you who (for whatever inexplicable reason) found yourselves at the movie theater watching Sex and the City, tonight, can listen to Matt Allen’s Violent Roundtable featuring Rep. John Loughlin, Senator Leonidas Raptakis, and me here. Two notes from the scene: 1. Sen. Raptakis didn’t answer my question about from where the money is…

Meeting on Matt Allen

By Justin Katz | May 29, 2008 |

Monique’s conversation with Matt Allen last night can be streamed by clicking here (or download). They mainly discussed financial town meetings, and Monique teased a very interesting post on state-level nepotism.

People on Matt Allen’s Show

By Justin Katz | May 22, 2008 | Comments Off on People on Matt Allen’s Show

Andrew brought together a couple of threads addressing economics, environment, and population growth for yesterday’s segment on the Matt Allen Show. The conversation can be streamed by clicking here (or download). Next Wednesday at 6:50 p.m., Marc will have his at bat..

Anchor on the Air

By Justin Katz | May 15, 2008 |

As those who listened already know, Don switched with Andrew for this Wednesday’s segment on the Matt Allen show. His commentary related to his post on Rhode Island’s failure to address its current crisis can be streamed by clicking here (or download). Next Wednesday at 6:50 p.m., Andrew will have his moment in the spotlight.

Time Flying, Apology, and Preemptive Explanation

By Justin Katz | May 9, 2008 |

My hour in the the spotlight of Matt Allen’s Violent Roundtable tonight was one of the most fun that I’ve spent in awhile, although I suppose one can only hope that listeners were that engaged. (Streaming audio available here). Really, conversation from commercial break to commercial break felt not unlike a seaplane touching down on…

In Case You Missed It

By Justin Katz | May 8, 2008 |

Those who were unable to catch my chat with Matt Allen about kids today can listen to the four-minute segment by clicking here (or download). We’ll be doing this every Wednesday; tune in at 6:50 p.m. next week for Andrew’s at bat. In the interim, by the way, I’ll be participating in Matt’s Violent Roundtable…

Eight Intense Minutes

By Justin Katz | July 16, 2007 |

Buffalo versus lion versus crocodile. Umm. Would one describe the results as “a herd, not a pack”?

Too Late for Early Housing

By Justin Katz | November 13, 2004 |

While we’re in the midst of our first weekend content lull, it seems as good a time as any to republish a vlog post of mine from January 2003 (mostly so it’ll be in the archives here). In the surrounding weeks, I made a few short blog-like videos, but the time it took to make…