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The Naked Public Square Revisited, Part III

By Donald B. Hawthorne | December 21, 2004 | Comments Off on The Naked Public Square Revisited, Part III

After pulling together the two previous postings of The Naked Public Square Revisited, Parts I & II, I returned home this weekend to find the December 27 issue of National Review with its cover article entitled “Secularism & Its Discontents.” In the article, Ramesh Ponnuru offers some further insights into the debate about the public…

RE:Understand the UN!

By Marc Comtois | December 20, 2004 | Comments Off on RE:Understand the UN!

I heartily recommend reading Andrew’s

Independently Moderate

By Marc Comtois | December 20, 2004 |

In a story by Howard Fineman, Mitch McConnell casts the current political “divisiveness” in its proper historical context: “It’s naive to assume there would be one collection of views widely held by everyone,” he said. “I’m amazed at all this hand-wringing over the level of discourse and partisanship. It leads me to believe nobody has…

The Naked Public Square Revisited, Part II

By | December 18, 2004 |

This posting is the second part of a discussion that began with an earlier posting and is related to two previous postings about liberal fundamentalism and the American Founding. Richard John Neuhaus wrote a book entitled The Naked Public Square: Religion & Democracy in America. First published in 1984, it addressed societal trends and the…

Misguided Incentives Drive Public Sector Taxation

By | December 6, 2004 |

Talking about a pro-tax ballot initiative defeated in Oregon during 2002, a Wall Street Journal editorial stated: When the budget issue is framed in terms of higher taxes, voters don’t understand why government should be exempt from the same spending discipline the rest of us live by. “I am a normal person and when I…

Ethics Rules and the Missing Factoid

By Justin Katz | December 6, 2004 | Comments Off on Ethics Rules and the Missing Factoid

Glen Peck of Barrington thinks that: House Republicans have done something truly appalling. They’ve knocked down a Republican House ethics rule that banned House members from holding leadership positions if they’ve been indicted on felony charges. They did it on behalf of House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R.-Texas). … This is no mere act of…

Honoring the Land We Love

By Donald B. Hawthorne | December 3, 2004 |

With the election over, we once again turn our attention to the future. That includes preparing for a new group of government officials to take office. Therefore it seems timely to reflect on the principles of the American Founding, as we hope these principles will guide both our lawmakers and us. It is a common…

Another Take on Cox

By Carroll Andrew Morse | November 18, 2004 | Comments Off on Another Take on Cox

I also was intrigued by Cox’s article on urban-versus-rural-versus-Democrat-versus-Republican. For Marc’s thoughts, click here. For Justin’s thoughts, click here. Here’s my plausible-but-not-proven stab at explaining the trend: Urban areas are the most dependent on other areas to survive. Imagine the following: One Sunday night, impenetrable force-fields appear along the borders of every town in Rhode…

The Red in the Blue

By Justin Katz | November 17, 2004 |

Having been struggling for an interesting way to frame this, I was much relieved to read Marc’s recent post about demographics and Republican states’ receiving more government aid while (ostensibly) voting against Big Government. Blogger Sensible Mom has explored the data in a bit more depth (the bracketed comment is hers): But let’s focus on…

Voter Motivation and Another Stab at a Big Idea

By Marc Comtois | November 17, 2004 | Comments Off on Voter Motivation and Another Stab at a Big Idea

I’d encourage anyone interested in the question as to “why we vote the way we do” to read this article by Patrick Cox about the seeming correlation between political ideology and demography. In it, he also tackles the apparent conundrum of those who most benefit from government spending (so-called Red States) voting against those who…