Political Thought

Sgouros’s Answer Is Big Government

By Justin Katz | March 3, 2009 |

Tom Sgouros likes the idea of centralized government. (He also knows just how to run it, it seems, at least better than a growing list of his fellow citizens, including our “absurd[ly] scolding” governor and the “blind squirrels” who advocate for consolidation.) In a recent column with the aim of supporting that affinity, he attempts…

Divine Right and the Modern State

By Carroll Andrew Morse | February 13, 2009 |

Channeling John Locke and Edmund Burke via Newt Gingrich on last night’s Matt Allen Show on WPRO radio (630 AM), Zack the Speculator provided a brief tour of the evolution of the philosophy of government in Western Civilization…The great Newt Gingrich said this many years ago; he said the difference between us and England and…

A Topical Puzzle

By Justin Katz | February 5, 2009 |

On the Matt Allen show, last night, Matt and I discussed the madness of the modern world — from CEOs who are practically daring the government to begin finding ways to limit their pay to teachers’ unions that are risking PR devastation to keep their contracts growing. Stream by clicking here, or download it.

Just So Will Healthcare Fall

By Justin Katz | January 21, 2009 |

It amazes me that we can watch these things, which should have been entirely foreseeable, and never return to our initial premises: Some of the big-name Boston teaching hospitals that have managed to extract higher insurance payments include Children’s Hospital and the members of Partners HealthCare, a group including Massachusetts General and Brigham and Women’s.…

The Next Big Oops

By Justin Katz | January 9, 2009 |

Across the society, from cornered municipal officials to the national commentariate, people are preparing the way with palms for the eye-popping stimulus proposals of Obama and Congressional Democrats. A radio report, the other day, explained that the president-elect recognized that the stimulus plan required a tax cutting component, and although, unlike conservatives, liberals see tax…

Taking Wealth Morally

By Justin Katz | January 5, 2009 |

By all means, let’s declare the immorality of gargantuan wealth. Every story of catastrophe and dire need must make the rightly ordered person marvel at the spiritual putrefaction of those who hoard their millions and billions. How could a man of clear conscience sift money idly through his fingers in such sums as could effect…

Politicians as Wonderworkers

By Justin Katz | December 31, 2008 |

Thomas Sowell’s worth reading on the incentive to treat the impossible as if it simply needs to be enunciated as plausible: People can get the possible on their own. Politicians have to be able to offer the voters something that they cannot get on their own. The impossible fills that bill perfectly. As a noted…

Still Feeling the Violence

By Justin Katz | December 6, 2008 |

Anybody who missed last night’s Violent Roundtable on the Matt Allen Show — or who would like to listen to it again — can download it here. I’ll tell you that, from the other side of the microphone, that hour just flies by. By habit, I keep out a notebook during such discussions and jot…

The Powers and the Victims

By Justin Katz | December 3, 2008 |

I note something telling and pervasive in the latest anti-TCC assault by Tiverton Democrat stone-thrower Richard Joslin (currently online only; we’ll see tonight whether it gets into the Sakonnet Times): I know TCC supporters who are elderly, on fixed income and live mostly in North Tiverton. I am not upset about these people. I know…

Further to the Future of the GOP

By Monique Chartier | November 18, 2008 |

And another friend last week shared some of his own thoughts on the subject. [Reprinted with permission.] For our national party and the RIGOP, without question November 5, 2008 was the first day of the rest of our lives. What lies ahead is not a task for the timid, the inexperienced, or the unbalanced. As…