President ’08

The President’s Troopers

By Justin Katz | November 10, 2008 |

On some level, this makes sense, and thus far, it’s just an idea, but frankly, it’s unsettling and has the potential to go very, very wrong (emphasis added): After Obama declared victory, his campaign sent a text message announcing that his supporters hadn’t heard the last from the president-elect. Obama conveyed a similar message to…

Gulp if You Think He Meant It

By Justin Katz | November 10, 2008 |

Here and there across the Internet, one can still find expressions of hope that Obama’s actions, when in office, would be tempered by the economy and the reality of responsibility. Peggy Noonan said, before the election, that Obama would be the dog that caught the car. This morning, even I suggested that he’d be tempered…

The Defining Difference

By Justin Katz | November 10, 2008 |

So Julia Steiny gave me a change for which to hope in an Obama presidency: Last summer, presidential candidate Barack Obama addressed the National Education Association’s annual convention, by way of video stream projected onto a big screen. … But then, without changing his tone of voice, he enthusiastically endorsed charter schools. The crowd was…

Graceless…and ahistorical

By Donald B. Hawthorne | November 8, 2008 |

Nice start. Once again, Obama can’t get his history straight. And some of us, who have no use for astrology, will take astrology silliness over the thuggery of Saul Alinsky any day. Sorry, but it gets back to that love-of-liberty thing…again.

Does Obama believe in liberty?

By Donald B. Hawthorne | November 8, 2008 |

Well, does he? And, how about the ongoing airbrushing by Obama and his team when they get caught promoting something that stirs a reaction by those of us who have an affinity for the principles of the American Founding? Haven’t seen this much airbrushing since the fall of the Soviet Union. ADDENDUM The airbrushing continues.

The President-Elect Is Like a Box of Chocolates

By Justin Katz | November 6, 2008 |

Andrew McCarthy has an excellent piece up on NRO noting the ambiguity of which Barack Obama will actually emerge as president and leaving home that it will be the centrist one painted in the candidate’s rhetoric. McCarthy also points toward the shadow that ought to be feared: Alinsky, too, rejected ideological dogmatism. He taught that…

Now What?

By Marc Comtois | November 6, 2008 |

Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are

Looking Ahead

By Justin Katz | November 5, 2008 |

Well, a positive note from the election results is that John McCain is not the next president. If the Democrats had chosen anybody less worrisome than Obama, the results wouldn’t have been even as close as they were. Although it certainly stretched the truth to say that a McCain administration would have been a third…

In the first 6 months? Nah, in the first 24 hours

By Donald B. Hawthorne | November 5, 2008 |

Abe Greenwald on The Baltic Missile Crisis? And you think the Russians haven’t listened carefully to the video in this post, where Obama essentially promises to unilaterally disarm? That video took me right back to reliving the nuclear freeze movement in 1983. Or they haven’t noticed Obama’s lack of historical knowledge? BTW, how about this?…

Obama Wins

By Marc Comtois | November 4, 2008 |

We have a new President, Barack Obama. The symbolism and historical import is unmistakable and speaks volumes about our country, to both ourselves and to the world. So congratulations to him for the campaign he ran and for his victory. I hope he governs more as the politician he campaigned as, not as the Senator…

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