President ’08

Rasmussen: Fred Thompson in Second

By Marc Comtois | June 5, 2007 |

According to Rasmussen: With former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson taking his first formal steps towards a Presidential run and the immigration debate creating challenges for Arizona Senator John McCain, the race for the Republican Presidential nomination has an entirely different look this week. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R) remains on top, but…

Fred Thompson Enters the Fray: Contender? Also-Ran? The Bees Knees? –Discuss

By Marc Comtois | May 31, 2007 |

Former Senator and actor Fred Thompson has all but “officially” announced he will be seeking the GOP nomination for President.Politician-turned-actor Fred Thompson has been coy with audiences as he flirts with a bid for the Republican presidential nomination. In an interview with USA TODAY, however, the former Tennessee senator not only makes it clear that…

Hillary Clinton Brought up China, Not Me

By Marc Comtois | May 31, 2007 |

Hillary Clinton recently gave a speech that included this line that made me go hmmmmm. You know, people ask me all the time, “Why can’t we get tough on China?” Well, the answer is, because China is one of our bankers. We’re their debtor. How can we truly enforce trade laws against a country that…

Watch What (Rudy) You Wish For

By Justin Katz | May 31, 2007 |

I’ve certainly been puzzled and somewhat distressed at some social conservatives’ arguably impulsive support for Rudy Giuliani, but the Cato Institute’s David Boaz thinks libertarians ought to be wary of that particular cult of personality, as well: … Throughout his career, Giuliani has displayed an authoritarian streak that would be all the more problematic in…

Which Will We Salvage?

By Justin Katz | May 27, 2007 |

This is likely to be a very uncomfortable topic — prone to personal hostilities. Still, if my assessment has some basis in truth, it can only be for the best to put it out there in the light, rather than to endure a multiyear campaign season in which it is unmentionable. As entry, here’s a…

South County Straw Poll Results

By Carroll Andrew Morse | May 24, 2007 |

Results from the Narragansett/South Kingstown GOP Presidential straw poll ($1 per vote, vote as many times as you want) are in… Hugh Cort(*) 1,522 Mitt Romney 744 Rudolph Giuliani 634 John McCain 394 Fred Thompson 53 Newt Gingrich 36 Tom Tancredo 23 Mike Huckabee 16 Sam Brownback 12 Ron Paul 8 (*)Candidate Cort graced the…

RE: That 10 Person Discussion Last Night

By Marc Comtois | May 4, 2007 |

If you’re interested in reactions to a certain 10 person discussion held on a cable TV outfit broadcast from the Gippers book-den, here’s a roundup. And if you’re interested in the one guy who wasn’t there, well, here’s some reading for you. Feel free to discuss, below!

RI Senate Approves Moving Presidential Primary to February 5

By Carroll Andrew Morse | May 3, 2007 |

The Rhode Island Senate passed the bill to move Rhode Island’s Presidential primary date up to February 5th. Katherine Gregg of the Projo has the early calendar…At least 23 states — with more than half the country’s population — have shifted or are considering shifting their presidential primaries or caucuses to early February, right after…

Mitt Romney on Social Issues

By Carroll Andrew Morse | January 29, 2007 |

I know. I’m not supposed to be posting anything on the 2008 Presidential campaign before June. However, I’m adding a codicil to my New Year’s resolution: I can make an exception when able to present primary-source material about a Presidential candidate (or someone with a Presidential exploratory committee) that adds to a discussion area already…

President ’08: Looking at the GOP

By Marc Comtois | December 22, 2006 |

I suppose we at Anchor Rising may as well start talking about the 2008 Presidential Race. For right now, focusing on the GOP side of things, it seems to be a McCain/Giulianni race with a little Romney–and even Gingrich!–movement here and there. McCain’s chief appeal is his “independence” and his resolve on issues, whether he…