Rhode Island Culture

Finishing the Line

By Justin Katz | January 31, 2005 |

In his commentary in the Providence Journal, which Don mentions in the previous post, Rhode Island College student Bill Felkner does the single most important thing for government reform: Let’s draw a straight line: The school teaches the “perspective”; graduates get jobs at the state Department of Human Services and the Poverty Institute; the DHS…

Grab for the Goods, or Stand for the Good?

By Justin Katz | January 28, 2005 |

Heading back from the post office, where I’d hoped to find waiting any of a handful of checks that I desperately need, I heard a caller to the Dan Yorke show who’s in a position with which I’ve some personal experience. The guy had just incurred $25,000 of debt so that his wife could acquire…

A Charitable Interpretation

By Justin Katz | November 10, 2004 |

Michelle Malkin color-coded a by-state generosity index to reflect the election outcomes. Wading through the eighteen blue states — not one of which broke the top twenty-five — I found a silver lining for Rhode Island: at least we beat Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Putting aside methodological questions, what could account for RI’s poor showing?…