RI Senate ’12

Whitehouse and Langevin Maintain their Leads in the WPRI Poll

By Carroll Andrew Morse | October 31, 2012 |

In the other two Federal races in Rhode Island this year, both polled by WPRI-TV (CBS 12), incumbent James Langevin leads challenger Michael Riley 48%-31% (and independent Abel Collins receiving 9% of the vote), and incumbent Senator Sheldon Whitehouse leads challenger Barry Hinckley 55%-33%.

Liveblogging Tonight’s WPRI Senate Debate

By Carroll Andrew Morse | October 23, 2012 |

[7:55] Whitehouse closing: Will fight against privatizing SS and for Medicare benefits and for the middle class. [7:54] Hinckley closing: wipe away the labels, send a job creator to Washington. [7:53] Whitehouse tries to drive home the idea that the Ryan budget would end Medicare. [7:52] Hinckley says there are parts of Obamacare he would…

How Whitehouse Serves Rhode Islanders

By Marc Comtois | July 24, 2012 |

WPRI uncovered a 2009 speech made by Republican Senate Candidate Barry Hinckley in which he told the audience that running for political office will also garner “tons of free PR” for your business. In reaction, Tony Simon, the campaign manager for Hinckley’s opponent, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse sought to make a distinction between his boss and…

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse: “I don’t know a single small business in Rhode Island that is going to be made or broken by tax rates”

By Monique Chartier | July 12, 2012 |

How’d I miss this gem? Spoken by the junior senator from Rhode Island during a panel of Van Jones’ “2012 Take Back the American Dream” conference last month. Reported by The Blaze. Democratic Senator Whitehouse from Rhode Island chimed in, adding that he did not know a “single small business” that would be effected by…

Loughlin Resigns from Hinckley Campaign

By Carroll Andrew Morse | April 4, 2012 |

John E. Mulligan of the Projo is reporting that John Loughlin has resigned as the campaign spokesman for GOP Senate Candidate Barry Hinckley…John J. Loughlin II has resigned as spokesman for Republican Barry Hinckley’s Senate campaign, after taking responsibility for an erroneous charge leveled against a tax proposal by Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse.The “erroneous charge”…

Keystone Pipeline Vote Reveals Sheldon Whitehouse’s Highly Questionable Priorities

By Monique Chartier | March 18, 2012 |

Remarkably (did the sun rise in the east this morning?), PolitiFact today ruled as “True” a statement by an R (Barry Hinckley) to the apparent detriment of a D (Senator Sheldon Whitehouse). Benjamin “Barry” Hinckley III, the Republican candidate challenging Democratic U.S. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, recently criticized Whitehouse’s vote in support of President Obama’s decision…

“Are You Better Off Today Than Five Years Ago?”

By Patrick Laverty | February 29, 2012 |

Economics for five year olds, by a five year old.

Barry Hinkley’s Intriguing New Campaign Manager Executive Director

By Monique Chartier | January 31, 2012 |

Smart move, Barry. (What IS the difference between the “Executive Director” of a campaign and a “Campaign Manager”???) The Barry Hinckley for Senate campaign has announced that John Loughlin, former Republican candidate for U.S. Representative in 2010 against David Cicilline will assume the position of executive director. “I think Barry is the guy who is…

Sheldon Whitehouse, Born with a Silver Spoon Horseshoe

By Marc Comtois | November 20, 2011 |

I mentioned reports that Senator Sheldon Whitehouse had apparently benefited from rules that make it OK for our Washington politicians to engage in what, in any other arena, would be considered insider trading. While Whitehouse continues to deny that he made the trades (instead, it was his financial adviser who did it for him), More…

Candidate Hinckley Staffs Up

By Carroll Andrew Morse | March 24, 2011 |

Scott McKay of WRNI (1290AM) reports that Benjamin “Barry” Hinckley, who has filed the paperwork to begin a run for Senate against incumbent Sheldon Whitehouse, has attracted some experienced political operatives to his campaign staff…[Darcie Johnston] is a Montpelier, Vermont-based fund raising consultant who worked on then-Republican U.S. Sen. Lincoln Chafee’s 2006 Senate race. [Paul…