Where in Rhode Island…

An Hour in a Different World

By Justin Katz | October 8, 2009 |

I’ve arrived very early for a taping of WRNI’s Political Roundtable with Ian Donnis and Scott MacKay that will air tomorrow at 5:40 a.m. and 7:40 a.m. on 102.7FM and 1290AM (and then appear online). On the way into Providence, I drove past Lincoln Chafee walking toward the office building next to Hemenway’s. The ACLU’s…

Tinctured Parochialism in Green Rhode Island

By Justin Katz | August 15, 2009 |

Maybe it’s my East Bay snobbery coming through, but the black blades of the windmill by the New England Tech Automotive building off Rt. 95 strike me as tacky: Not like the pretty, monochromatic versions across the bay:

Spotted Today During Lunch

By Justin Katz | May 19, 2009 |

On the Mattapalooza Scene

By Justin Katz | April 30, 2009 |

Two bridges and countless escalators, and I’ve finally made it to Dave & Buster’s for Mattapalooza. Haven’t made the rounds, yet, but here are a couple of pictures: 8:15 p.m. Apart from Dan Yorke, I’ve spotted Terry Gorman. There’s a contingent of WPRO people, of course. The rest of the room, I’m guessing is fans,…

Out on the Town

By Justin Katz | April 30, 2009 |

Apparently, there will be strict adherence to the guest list at Mattapalooza tonight at Dave & Buster’s in Providence, but I’ll be there and will likely check in from time to time. (Not knowing what’s in store, I don’t want to promise liveblogging, per se.) I’m also hoping to make it to the RIGOP Black…

Operation Clean Government Breakfast & Panel

By Justin Katz | April 25, 2009 |

Just checking in from Operation Clean Government’s event at the Quonset Club. A little shy of 200 people are here, many of them familiar faces, but not all. My initial thought is that there are a number of people from different segments of local activism. Local Tiverton folks, RISC folks, politicians, activists, and so on.…

Random Conversation at a Local Business

By Marc Comtois | April 24, 2009 |

Conversation at a local gas station/convenience mart. {Sound of multiple police sirens in back ground} Store Attendant: “Go get ’em, guys. Make some revenue!” Customer:”They have to get it somehow.” Attendant:”Yup, they do. Wait ’til the road gets repaved. People will be going 90 mph down the road. They’ll be stopping them then. They get…

So These Are the Follies…

By Justin Katz | February 27, 2009 |

Well, I’ve already spotted just about everybody in Rhode Island politics and related fields that I know that I know, and even a good portion of those whom I know that I’ll recognize. Curiously, as I pass by legislators, I find myself compulsively checking on my wallet. As tends to happen, every natural instinct makes…


By Justin Katz | November 4, 2008 |

Having Won

By Justin Katz | November 4, 2008 |