For a brief time Rhode Island had three seats in Congress.

That’s one of the telling details from a characteristically easy-to-read and historically informed essay by Steve Frias in the Cranston Herald.  In a nutshell, unionization and a refusal to adapt to a changing economy have been costing Rhode Island population, economic activity, and relevance for more than a half century: Unable to remake itself following this…

River and mill in Pawtucket, RI.
The Right spans from Caitlyn Jenner to Catholicism to cryptocurrencies, these days.

Mike Stenhouse touched on all of those topics on his In the Dugout show, yesterday.  He handled the Jenner topic himself, but Tyler Rowley joined him for the religion talk, and Kade Almendinger helped with cryptocurrency.

Mike Stenhouse and guests from In the Dugout
Here’s today’s bit of clarity on the Marxist scam: decoy identities.

A few weeks ago, Sarah Hoyt commented as follows on Instapundit in response to a Victory Girls post by Lisa Carr concerning CNN assertions that Republicans are terrified of the darkening of the average American skin color: … when I didn’t like academic, Marxist [science fiction] I got told that’s because I didn’t like women, immigrants and…

Multiracial hands on a table
Under RI’s Act on Climate, can I sue Kamala Harris for her strange visit to Rhode Island?

A photo that Governor Dan McKee posted on his Facebook page, shown as the featured image for this post, caught my eye.  That’s an awfully big plane to carry one person hundreds of miles for tarmac handshakes with VIPs, a photo op with some local professionals, and a quick run to a neighborhood bookstore.  How…

Kamala Harris disembarks from Air Force 2 in RI
“Green” solar has eaten up about 4,000 acres of private forest land in RI and MA.

When government creates incentives, even with good intentions, it has an effect on people’s behavior.  Clark University Geography Professor John Rogan tells Scott O’Connell of the Telegram & Gazette, out of Worcester, that his team was surprised by the extent of damage solar mandates have done in these parts: According to Rogan, through a combination of…

A solar farm in the forest.
Everything from municipal debt to vaccination gets pushed through our schools.

Mike Stenhouse goes through the details, including a conversation with Roland Benjamin of South Kingstown, In the Dugout.

Mike Stenhouse and Roland Benjamin on In the Dugout
The Amazon union vote is another flashpoint worthy of study.

In the end, it wasn’t even close.  Of 5,800 warehouse workers at the Amazon facility in Bessemer, Alabama, 3,215 (55%) voted in the union election, 2,536 ballots were considered valid, and 1,798 (71% of the valid ballots) were against unionization.  Yet, judging from media reports before the election, this couldn’t possibly have been the case….

Aerial image of Bessemer, AL, Amazon
“Platonic spouses” were another predictable outcome of the redefinition of marriage.

A recent Zogby Poll found that 61% of American business leaders agreed “that progressive ideas on race, gender, post-colonialism and ‘cancel culture’ were undermining society and were not necessary.”  One suspects that the other 39% are not being honest with the pollsters or with themselves. Consider the latest development on sexual identity undermining marriage: “platonic…

Two men about to shake hands in the sunset.
A convenient concept taking progressive politicians by storm.

When I emailed the Barrington Town Council to voice my objection to their promotion of the Black Lives Matter flag in a divisive way and expressed that a flag policy has to be content-neutral, member Jacob Brier wrote back to asserted that it was “government speech.”  It was therefore completely constitutional.  Many others who received…

The BLM flag flown in Barrington, RI
We’re all just guessing at the many ways Act on Climate will bite.

Progressives touted the “teeth” that the Act on Climate bill gave RI environmental mandates, but it has fallen to the opposition to explain what that might mean. In his latest Rhody Reporter segment Mark Zaccaria on Ocean State Current, Mark Zaccaria lays out a scenario in which a local government loses complete control over its own…

Mark Zaccaria on Rhody Reporter
High-speed internet is an asset Rhode Island should build on.

Obviously, those of us who choose to live in Rhode Island feel the state has a lot to recommend it, even as we’re perpetually frustrated by its flaws.  While making decisions for the future, we should build on our strengths.  Explicitly noting it as a reason to move to the state, TechRepublic’s N.F. Mendoza reports…

An aerial photograph of the U.S. at night.
These are the acts of a government that is no longer a representative of the people.

It’s funny how obviously incentives play a role in people’s actions, such that you get the same response to the same incentive even though the issues at hand are completely distinct.  Consider Katherine Gregg’s recent article in the Providence Journal after the attorney general confirmed that the RI Convention Center can no longer hide its payroll…

The RI Convention Center
The government is competing for workers, but paying them as service beneficiaries.

Leave it to Ivy League progressive Aaron Regunberg to stick with the far-left line no matter how clueless or heartless it might seem in the tweet shown as the featured image of this post: Just wild how the folks most invested in the Giant Spaghetti Monster idea of an all-knowing free market are complaining that…

Aaron Regunberg tweet about free markets
Public health and “science” are becoming pure instruments of control.

Most Americans have probably never given it a thought, but it’s common for state governments to offer exemptions, as for religious beliefs, when they skirt the line of individual sovereignty.  Connecticut appears poised to cross that line by wiping away religious exemptions for vaccines: The State Senate passed the repeal of religious exemption for childhood…

A child being vaccinated
At some point, the masks are going to have to come off.

Dr. Andrew Bostom argues, on behalf of the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity, that we’ve reached that point.  Actually, he suggests that it was reached long ago (if we should have imposed a mask mandate at all): … from 2008 through the end of 2020, 12 randomized, controlled trials—the gold standard for judging medical…

RI COVID cases in context of mask mandates
Why is Rhode Island so often on “ten worst” lists?

The Foundation for Government Accountability has published a short report titled, “Top 10 Examples of Outrageous Unemployment Fraud in 2020 — And How to Fix It.”  Most of the blurbs concern specific fraud rings or techniques, but Rhode Island’s entry is more general: Ocean State Drowns in Fraud As recently as October 2020, Rhode Island…

A mailbox
Income tax policy is a good study to understand how politics works.

With the need to rebuild readership of Anchor Rising, the calculation of using Twitter unfortunately changed for me, and I’ve had to return to it to some extent.  The experience has been a useful reminder that the platform is not entirely without benefit. For instance, during Biden’s speech the other night, Biden-sympathetic Brown University PoliSci…

Tax man spraypaint
RI is increasingly governed by convenient truths.

And thus do the disconnected themes of Mike Stenhouse’s In the Dugout show, yesterday, come together — disagreeing with Dan Yorke, talking TCI with the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) Rhode Island director Christopher Carlozzi, and discussing COVID mask mandates with Andrew Bostom.

Mike Stenhouse and Christopher Carlozzi on In the Dugout
Without a sense of proportion, free expression is easily lost.

Maybe it’s evidence that I’m a creature from another age (if not another dimension), but I find news reports like this one out of Bristol disturbing, although probably not for the reason WPRI’s Bay Gammans thought it newsworthy: Bristol police are asking for the public’s help as they investigate reports of concerning stickers being posted…

WPRI image of hate sticker suspects
People are noticing that Fenton-Fung has proven a far-left progressive.

The Cranston Herald has published a (shall we say) strongly worded letter by resident Suzanne Downing noting (as I did a few months ago) that Republican state representative Barbara Ann Fenton-Fung is not voting as one would expect a Republican to do: As a resident of District 15 in Cranston I was happy to support Barbara Ann…

Barbara Ann Fenton-Fung
When it comes to kids, we’ll probably regret giving in to irrational coronavirus fears.

It’s anecdotal, I know, but in my limited circle of personal awareness, the risk of the COVID-19 vaccinations seems to be inversely proportional to the actual danger of the disease.  None of the elderly people I know who’ve been vaccinated have experienced side effects.  One middle-ager became infected after receiving the vaccine, and two young…

School girl in medical mask
The powers who be have Rhode Islanders’ children in their sights.

For his In the Dugout show, yesterday, Mike Stenhouse’s guests focused on RI progressives’ government actions in our schools, particularly taking advantage of their enhanced powers under the COVID regime: in the dugout were Ellen Schaffer, Aimee Gardiner, Karen Ferris, Jean Lehand, and Rick Provost.

Mike Stenhouse and guests
Watch out for attempts to resell you, for more money, what you’ve already paid for.

A line from Joe Biden’s speech yesterday should be a discussion point about how we look at public policy and at education.  Eric Quintanar highlighted it for the Daily Wire: “Twelve years is no longer enough today to compete with the rest of the world in the 21st century. That’s why my American Families Plan guarantees…

A room with pealing paint
Clarity is the beauty of the income tax: you earned it, and they want to take it.

Yet another giant postcard arrived from Rhode Island’s special-interest labor unions promoting the government’s taking more money from the pockets of Rhode Islanders.  This one is to promote the results of a poll that the group Revenue for Rhode Island apparently paid Fleming and Associates to conduct (although naturally, that point isn’t clear on the…

Income tax rate map
A Con-census That Rhode Island’s Got Problems

Mike Stenhouse went through the ins and outs of Rhode Island’s close-call with the Census for his In the Dugout show.  He also talked legislative shop with Republican Senator Jessica De La Cruz.

In the Dugout, Apr 27, 2021
This executive order is groundwork to remove your rights.

Now that the number of executive orders signed by the man occupying the Oval Office must be counted in scores, it is getting difficult to keep track, but Herbert Nowell spots a doozy on his A to Z Challenge blog (via Sarah Hoyt on Instapundit).   Per the language of the order, Biden has declared a national…

Jen Psaki in Russian Ushanka hat
Increased population isn’t just the weather.

The other part of the pattern of domestic migration within the United States to which I alluded yesterday is shown in the featured image of this post, captured via Mary Chastain on Legal Insurrection. When debating the relevance of people voting with their feet and moving elsewhere, it is common for Rhode Island progressives and insiders…

Map of states gaining Congress seats
Local governments love COVID-restriction freedom.

As the COVID-19 pandemic ebbs, state government has been slow to give up its enhanced powers (and may never give up their easy access to them, now that they’ve got a feel for them).  But COVID-restrictions have come with other benefits for government insiders — most especially the ability to keep the public at arm’s…

Tiverton Town Hall
The problem with user fees (for RI) is that direct and comprehensible spending thwarts grift.

How about a fun, wonky post?  The featured image that you see is a Tax Foundation map ranking states by the percentage of their infrastructure spending that is funded by user fees.  In the Tax Foundation’s views, higher user fees are preferable: Both the federal government and the states raise revenue for infrastructure spending through…

Tax Foundation infrastructure user fees map
Nail-biting Census results every 10 years should spur action and change.

According to Rhode Island’s Secretary of State, Rhode Island’s campaign-like pursuit of people to fill out the U.S. Census paid off, and Rhode Island will remain doubly represented in the U.S. Congress for another decade.  If my large family’s being caught at home during COVID was decisive in this result, I apologize to the rest…

Map of states losing Congress seats due to Census
You can’t have fair negotiations when one party can’t walk away.

No matter how one feels about state and local government’s involvement with various schemes to find public-private partnerships to develop parts of Pawtucket, a recent lawsuit by one property owner, of the recently-more-famous Apex building, raises an important point.  Eli Sherman reports for WPRI: On Wednesday, the owners issued a blistering statement, painting themselves as…

the Apex building
We have to face the more-difficult questions of minority killings.

Nonviolence Institute Executive Director Cedric Huntley’s incredible honesty is refreshing, in an article by Amanda Milkovits for the Boston Globe: “In Rhode Island, it’s not the police killing our children. It’s Black and brown children killing each other,” said Cedric Huntley. “And the community is traumatized.” Just in the last week of what’s becoming a violent…

Signs & security at BLM rally
They’ll always have a reason watching us protects them.

Did anybody have “USPS as spy agency” on their list of revelations for 2021?  That’s what Tim Pearce reports for The Daily Wire: The United States Postal Service (USPS) is running a “covert operations program” monitoring Americans’ social media accounts for “inflammatory” posts. The program is carried out by the USPS enforcement arm, the United States…

USPS truck
The need for vote-fraud evidence is one-sided.

That thought occurred to me while reading Brian Trusdell’s summary of a Rasmussen poll for Newsmax: Preventing cheating in elections is more important than expanding ways to vote, according to a majority of likely voters, who by a large margin also believe voter identification laws are not discriminatory, according to a Rasmussen poll. Moreover, most Americans…

"I Voted" sticker in a pile of leaves
Thanks for the shout-out, Professor Reynolds!

It’s hard to believe we’ve all been at this for about twenty years, now.  Many of us owe that unexpected blessing to the influence of Glenn Reynolds’s Instapundit.  Let’s hope the social media disruption of blogging is coming to an end, or at least reaching a renegotiated balance, bringing us back to our founding ideals…

Instapundit logo
The plexiglass will soon come down.

It looks like June may bring a return to something like normalcy in Rhode Island.  As WJAR reports: Starting May 7, mask wearing guidance will change from required to recommended outdoors within 3 feet, but still required indoors. Capacity limits will be raised to 80% across the board the same day, but with 3-foot spacing…

A medical mask on the sidewalk
Funny how blame can shift from policy to implementation as needed.

Mike Stenhouse’s In the Dugout show today included guests Republican Representative Brian Newberry and Dr. Andrew Bostom, the first defending his civics education legislation and the second talking COVID matters.  Note, in particular Newberry’s defense of his bill on the grounds that concerns expressed on the show yesterday by Stanley Kurtz were about “implementation,” not the…

Mike Stenhouse and Rep. Brian Newberry on In the Dugout, 4/22/21
Controlling (even suppressing) emotions is simply part of healthy maturity.

John Rosemond’s parenting advice, in The Valley Breeze, offers wisdom of much broader applicability than just raising your kids: Just as children must learn to behave correctly, they must also learn to think and emote correctly. Contrary to contemporary psychological propaganda, not all feelings are valid or deserving of exploration. “I have a right to feel like…

A toddler crying
I’m waiting to hear from those same-sex marriage advocates who assured me this was a phony fear 15 years ago.

From Jon Brown, on the Daily Wire,” Advocates Push For Consensual Incest To Be Decriminalized, Laugh Off ‘Grooming’ Allegations.” However, I won’t hold my breath waiting for progressive activists to come to the defense of what remains of the institution of marriage for two reasons.  First, this development was obvious back then, based simply on the…

A man's shadow over a swing set
Is the General Treasurer divested of fiduciary responsibility?

I ask because in a new press release from Rhode Island’s General Treasurer Seth Magaziner, the progressive Democrat announces his office’s step to divest the state pension fund of investments in fossil fuels: This morning, in advance of Earth Day, Rhode Island General Treasurer Seth Magaziner announced a nearly 50 percent decrease in the Rhode…

Divest Our Pensions sign
It’s Evil that keeps us unable to work toward a better world.

Sometimes Michael Morse’s memoirs of life as a Providence firefighter-EMT read like they could be plot pitches for a Netflix series spun off from the movie, Se7en.  Such is the case with a recent essay on his Rescuing Providence site. Particularly striking in a post he titles “Get Out As Soon As You Can” is the profound…

Hieronymus Bosch, 7 Deadly Sins
We’re being duped on energy policy and civics education.

Today on his In the Dugout show, Mike Stenhouse interviewed National Review’s Stanley Kurtz on the subject of duplicitous civics-education legislation and RI Senate candidate Charles Callanan ​on the costs to you of RI’s Green New Deal.

Mike Stenhouse and Stanley Kurtz on In the Dugout
Rhode Islanders have to run away from danger.

Eugene Volokh has posted a quick updated review of state laws concerning when residents have a right to use deadly force to defend themselves.  And wouldn’t you know it, Rhode Island is one of only twelve states that fall in the “duty to retreat” category.  The rest of the states are some variation of “stand…

State laws on self defense
Justice is supposed to be about the facts of the case.

We agree on the rules and the process, in light of inalienable rights, and justice is the result.  If the system manifestly is not producing justice, then we adjust the rules and the process.  But the process cannot simply be a show we put on to give the impression of rules. That is the context…

United Way RI tweet on Chauvin case
Are we in the midst of an “antiwoke” awakening?

For his In the Dugout show, today, Mike Stenhouse took on topics like: The Tesla explosion cover-up and the left’s depravity #NoTCItax on gas open letter to Governor McKee Have we mutated to a scientific dictatorship? More “woke” myths destroyed. He also had a conversation with former Valley Breeze editor Tom Ward touching on everything from the general to…

Mike Stenhouse and Tom Ward on In the Dugout
Politicians have to walk (and constituents have to enforce) a subtle line.

Something in Dan McGowan’s Rhode Map column today reminded me of a question I had for Central Falls Mayor Maria Rivera.  Asked by McGowan what has surprised her in her first 100 days in office, Rivera replied, in part: “I’m surprised by the enormous stress of providing basic city services while, at the same time, tackling…

Rivera & crew seek vaccination sign-ups
Humanity’s brakes really are starting to fail.

The year 2020 became a cultural cliché, given the sense that reality’s wheels were coming off, but it might be more accurate to say that people (particularly elites) are refusing to accept traditional safeguards that were simply passed down culturally and accepted intrinsically.  (Think media objectivity, colorblindness, the existence of truth, and so on.) Leslie…

Painting of a forest monster.
The media has a death grip on its January 6 narrative.

The lede text on a WPRI Facebook post caught my attention (emphasis added): Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, who was injured while confronting rioters during the Jan. 6 insurrection, suffered a stroke and died from natural causes, the Washington, D.C., medical examiner’s office ruled Monday. Was Sicknick injured?  I can’t remember seeing any reports to…

Police, protesters, and smoke on Jan 6
Identity politics is a distraction from uncomfortable reality.

The Providence Journal’s headline on a Katherine Gregg story draws attention to an important point about what is hidden: “RI lawmakers ask: Should police face stricter discipline?”  Put simply, the bright spotlight on race makes conspicuous what the politicians, unions, and activists are trying to keep off to the side, in the dark. International Brotherhood of Police…

Image of Police Line tape.
The question is the value add.

I’m working my way through the HBO television series, The Wire, and just finished season two.  It doesn’t give much away to explain that the plot revolves around a dock-worker-union head’s quest to use revenue from smuggling to pay off city politicians so that they’ll include a dredging project in their budget.  It’s purely a transactional…

Cash under a medical mask
Prevention isn’t in RI (government)’s interest.

Along the defund-the-police line, Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza recently released the results of a Walmart-family-funded study concluding that a “prevention-first approach” to public safety would “create a healthier, safer, and more just Providence,” but residents might wonder what “prevention-first” really means. Public Safety Commissioner Steven Paré has lauded Eugene, Oregon’s CAHOOTS program, which stands for…

WPRI chart of mental health calls in Providence
What about the mental health of RI government?

One way of looking at Governor Dan McKee’s decision to hold off on implementing his predecessor’s plans for the state-run Zambarano psychiatric hospital is as a battle of union interests.  Raimondo’s plan to spend $65 million (initial asking price) for a new facility would have made construction unions happy, whereas McKee’s move serves the service…

Zambarano Hospital deteriorating
A Government Buyer for Innocent Flesh

For the ever-growing “Are we the baddies?” file, Edie Heipel reports for the The Federalist that, pre-President Trump, the federal government was in the baby parts business: Recent emails uncovered by Judicial Watch between FDA employees and the California-based Advanced Bioscience Resources (ABR) prove the agency spent tens of thousands of dollars buying aborted babies…

A sonogram.
Is It Mostly-Peaceful Season, Again?

For the past year or more, John DePetro has been deliberately striving to report Rhode Island goings on in a way that many journalists refuse to do, from an angle that many of them probably consider simply illegitimate (which says something unflattering about them). On his website, he highlights an apparent rift in RI’s Black…

Photo of a raised fist with BLM on the wrist.
Another “antiracist” racist tell.

The other day, I couldn’t help but overhear part of a class from a mandatory collegiate course on oppression. My reaction was probably that of any non-indoctrinated, thinking person of good will: “This professor is teaching racism, straight up.” Indeed, the illness is now metastasizing across our society. Writing in American Thinker, David Shimm highlights…

Photo of a racially segregated bus.
Time-Travel Alert

If you’re scrolling through Anchor Rising’s Quick Reads, we should alert you to the fact that the next post (that is the prior one in time) will bring you all the way back to 2013. See this post for an explanation.

A silhouette watches swirling stars.
Together Again for the First Time

The title of this post is a phrase that’s struck me as peculiar ever since I first spotted it on a comic book that had found its way into my childhood collection, somehow. Does it indicate that it was the second time the two characters had been together? Or had they been together in some…

March Employment in Rhode Island: How Worlds Diverge

Watching the employment statistics, as presented by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) from month to month, offers an interesting perspective on how people can develop different understandings of objective reality. Tracing the unemployment rate, one might think Rhode Island is undergoing a strong recovery. In January 2010, it was 11.9%, and for years…

Government Employees Get Paychecks, Not Handouts

While I don’t expect to change his final assessment, I’d like to correct a misunderstanding in Thomas Kolodziejczak’s letter in today’s Providence Journal, “Katz’s rightist ravings.” Responding to an op-ed of mine from the previous Saturday (“Apathy, fear as R.I. dusk turns to night”), Mr. Kolodziejczak paraphrases that I meant to suggest “that nearly 20…

Union Rules and “Unique System” Drive Up Overtime for State Government Community Living Aides

Suzanne bates has another state-payroll-related investigative report on the Ocean State Current, this one covering a job titled “community living assistant.” These are high-school-educated employees with average regular pay below $36,000, who’ve been able to triple their pay with overtime and other salary enhancements, topping out near $130,000. Their job entails helping the residents of…

Redistributive Property Taxes: Who’s in the Providence Crosshairs?

The way property taxes work, in Rhode Island, revaluations are little more than a way of redistributing the tax burden, and in Providence, a shift from taxing buildings to taxing land has repercussions for a number of recent issues, from the Superman Building to legislation affecting the entire state. Continue reading on the Ocean State…

Ken Block: Data shows Master Lever Likely Helped Speaker Fox Avoid Defeat Last November

This afternoon, Ken Block released the following interesting analysis of the 2012 election results for District 4. Reform advocate urges Fox and Senate President Paiva-Weed to respect the voice of Rhode Islanders and let bills eliminating Master Lever come to vote (PROVIDENCE, RI 4/10/13) Businessman Ken Block, who has been a leading advocate for the…

Health Benefits Exchange: What They Mean by Self-Sustaining

Amidst the political noise of news on marriage, immigration, and guns, Phil Marcelo has an informative article in today’s Providence Journal highlighting the fact that the State of Rhode Island is going to have to pay to maintain its ObamaCare health benefits exchange when federal dollars run out. That’s an issue that I raised last…

Ted Nesi Puts In Perspective Mike Riley’s Remarks

With reference to the (regrettable) comments that Mike Riley made to the police on that Fateful Night, WPRI’s Ted Nesi tweeted a couple of days ago, Riley’s comments are still no match for Senator Ciccone’s immortal words, “You think you got pension problems now?”… No match, indeed. (For those who might have missed it,…

Another State Route to Riches: Institutional Attendants Earning Six Figures

The job listings for “institutional attendants (psychiatric)” positions in the state Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities, and Hospitals (BHDDH) offer a salary in the mid-$30,000s, and payroll information available through the RIOpenGov project of the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity suggests top regular pay in the low-$40,000s. In 2010 and 2011, however, almost…

Minimum Wage Workers and the Threat of Increases

A quick update study from the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity finds that legislative proposals at the state level to increase the minimum wage to $8.25 per hour would cost workers in the state 432 jobs, measured against last year’s $7.40 per hour rate. Even worse would be the proposal suggested by U.S. Congressmen…

RIOpenGov Strives to Fill Transparency Void

The RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity has posted state payroll information to its transparency Web site, The site lists all state employees by name, department, and division, and presents their pay, including overtime, for the years 2010 and 2011. The Ocean State Current drew some attention to this data last week, with reports…

1,700,000+ “Sick” Brits Mysteriously Cured When Gov’t Implemented Medical Testing For Incapacity Benefit

It’s a MIRACLE! … almost 900,000 have dropped their claim to the taxpayer-funded benefits rather than undergo a new medical test as part of the Coalition welfare reforms. … Another 837,000 who did take the test were found to be fit to work immediately, and a further 367,300 were judged able to do some level…

Make Every Day Easter Day

— Pope Francis — Why do you look for the living among the dead? Our daily problems and worries can wrap us up in ourselves, in sadness and bitterness…and that is where death is. That is not the place to look for the One who is alive! — Pope Benedict XVI — We have to…

Note in Response to the Providence Journal

Because Providence Journal staff writer Lynn Arditi never made any attempt, of which I’m aware, to contact me or anybody associated with the Ocean State Current while writing her article,”Overtime reports inflated, say R.I. officials,” a few moments of a Saturday morning are justified for response. In the article, the Projo reports on the payroll…

Rhode Island’s Unique Way Out of the Bottom Three

For many months, Rhode Island has been exchanging places with two other states for worst, second worst, and third worst official unemployment rate in the United States. February marked the milestone of Rhode Island’s breaking free from the dance. The Ocean State’s 9.4% unemployment rate tied with North Carolina for fifth worst, behind California, Nevada,…

Dan Harrop Concedes in Race for RIGOP Chair

In a statement provided to the Ocean State Current, Dr. Dan Harrop of Providence announces that he has decided to bring his campaign for chairman of the Rhode Island Republican Party to a close.

“GOP Credentials Committee Determines Qualification of Voters at State Committee Meeting”

Further to their convention (meeting?) last week which culminated in a very close election for chair and an honest process error, the RIGOP just released the following statement, entitled as above. Warwick: Last night the Credentials Committee of the Rhode Island Republican Party met to hear a petition to disqualify both the process and some…

Government Employee Overtime About Equal to a 38 Studios Every Year

The State of Rhode Island spent $89.6 million on employee overtime in 2011, according to payroll data acquired by the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity. The free-market think tank will make the individual payroll data for fiscal years 2011 and 2010 available next week through an interactive transparency Web site. The average overtime payments…

Laundering and Medicaid: State Operations Have Incentive to Be Inefficient

From the time she took a job with the State of Rhode Island in 1979 to 2011, Judith Andrade had worked her way up to regular pay of $37,091 as a laundry worker at Eleanor Slater Hospital. According to payroll data collected by the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity she actually took home $76,320…

Harrop Will Continue to Challenge for GOP Chair

Philip Marcelo of the Projo has just tweeted that…Outgoing #RI GOP chair @markzaccaria confirms @DanHarrop challenging party’s decision to award chairmanship to @RIGOPMarkSmiley.(Yesterday, the State GOP issued a press release, stating that the discrepancy between the number of delegates registered to vote and the number of votes counted on Thursday night had been resolved and…

Rhode Island Public High Schools Span the Nation

The U.S. News ranking of Rhode Island high schools shows that they span from nation-leading to nation-lagging, but the list of fifty-nine schools does not tell the whole story.

Battle of Altenesch

An Antecedent of Our Modern Witch Hunts

The extermination of the Stedinger in 1234 provides an historical analogy by which we “deplorables” can understand our predicament… hopefully producing a different outcome.

A man in black pulls strings on fingers

Politics This Week with John DePetro: Everybody’s Focused on the Other

The weekly conversation about politics between John DePetro and Justin Katz focused on the ways everybody is looking for excuses not to address our real problems.

Racism Really Is Infiltrating Our Communities

While the default assumption around white supremacist recruitment drives in New England should be that they are hoaxes, a demeaning, racist obsession with race is being pushed throughout our institutions.

The NCAA logo as a pride flag

Providence College Should Quit the NCAA

The culture wars can’t be a one-way fight, and the longer the forces of tolerance and truth restrain themselves, the more certain their defeat will be.

A water mill on a river

Matos’s Census Lessons and the Formation of a “Company State”

RI Lieutenant Governor Sabina Matos took to the pages of the Boston Globe to herald the state’s Census-count success as a model for the provision of services, but progressives like her are redefining the relationship of the people with their government.

Immigrant crossing sign with Discover Beautiful RI sign

Politics This Week with John DePetro: RI’s Most Important Residents

The weekly conversation about politics between John DePetro and Justin Katz digs into the trends and hidden meanings behind politics and policy in Rhode Island, raising the question of whether it’s all about replacing Rhode Islanders with immigrants.

The Tragedy of RIDE’s LEAP Report

A little bit of document sleuthing points to the possibility that the RI Dept. of Education’s Learning, Equity & Accelerated Pathways Task Force buried findings that might really challenge the status quo and improve Ocean State education for our children.

A burning car

Act on Climate and TCI: The Plan to Impoverish Rhode Island

Predictably, the Transportation and Climate Initiative is being proclaimed as the transportation sector’s component of the central plan that will allow Rhode Island to achieve its aggressive emissions reduction goals. But what should we make of the fact that it isn’t nearly harsh enough?

Battle of Altenesch

An Antecedent of Our Modern Witch Hunts

The extermination of the Stedinger in 1234 provides an historical analogy by which we “deplorables” can understand our predicament… hopefully producing a different outcome.

A man in black pulls strings on fingers

Politics This Week with John DePetro: Everybody’s Focused on the Other

The weekly conversation about politics between John DePetro and Justin Katz focused on the ways everybody is looking for excuses not to address our real problems.

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