Senate Prediction

Over at National Review Online, John J. Miller previews the 2006 Senate races. With all due respect to the conservative mothership, he gets Rhode Island completely wrong.

Lincoln Chafee, the sort-of Republican, isn’t well liked by many of his GOP colleagues because they worry he’ll bolt the party if it means he can stay in the majority. He may face a primary, but he’ll probably win. Democrats will have a hard time coming up with a candidate who can beat him. Congressman Patrick Kennedy would be an interesting choice, but he appears content in the House.

First, obviously the name “Steve Laffey” has not trickled up to the national level yet. He would certainly be a strong challenger against Chafee in a Republican primary. Second, I think that Miller underestimates the potential of a Kennedy run. Kennedy can present himself as more responsible than Chafee on national security issues (he voted in favor of the Iraq war). Enough Republicans may have grown tired enough of Chafee to leave that part of the ballot blank on election day, especially if the Republicans already have a solid 54-or-more member majority in the Senate.

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Marc Comtois
19 years ago

Funny, the impression I got was that it was Gov. Carcieri and Mayor Laffey who went to bat for the Republicans in the local races. I don’t recall seeing Sen. Chafee anywhere. Anyone else?

19 years ago

I vaguely recall a story a few years ago about a rumored Patrick Kennedy run for the Senate. IIRC, Ted wanted Patrick to run, but Patrick said that he preferred to remain in the House.
Am I remembering the story accurately? (How long ago was this?)
Have there been any indications since then that Patrick may have changed his mind?

19 years ago

“Then, referring to the name of a statue that sits on top of the Rhode Island statehouse, the Senator’s aide said, “People have the sense that he just embodies that individual man.” ”
Ah, yes. That famous statue of the “Individual Man”. 🙂
~ Pseu.

Anchor Rising
19 years ago

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