The People's Data Armory


Change the data displayed by checking corresponding box. To select just one or more option when all are previously selected, first click the check box next to “All” to uncheck everything. Each filter will only show those options that are relevant depending on previously selected filters. For example, if a particular town does not have a specific office, that option will not be shown in the All Offices filter when that town is the only option selected under Cities and Towns. To see options that are not relevant, click “Show All Values.”

  • Election Year. Show or hide years depending on whether they are election years (even years). The default is Election Years only.
  • State/Local Bodies. Show or hide candidates for City/Town Council, General Assembly, School Committee, or All Other Offices. The default is every office.
  • Cities and Towns. Show or hide candidates for each municipality in Rhode Island or All Non-Local offices. Note that this applies to offices, not voters. For example, General Assembly seats that cover a particular town are not included for that town. The default is every office.
  • Party Committees. Show or hide candidates for internal party positions, such as City Democrat or Republican Committees, or Public Office, which includes all elected government offices. The default is to show only Public Offices.
  • All Offices. Show or hide every individual office as listed in the source data. The default is every office.
  • All Elections. Show or hide specific elections as listed in the source data. Some elections are recurring, such as Statewide General Election and Statewide Primary, while others are less common, such as special elections. Note that elections may or may not be limited to local, state, or federal elections; the Statewide General Election, for example, includes everything on which voters anywhere in the state voted during that election. The default is all elections.

Data Source

Anchor Rising received the data directly from the elections division of the Rhode Island Secretary of State’s office.