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An explosion of light

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By Justin Katz | July 23, 2021 |

News across Rhode Island — related to state and local government, the news media, social developments, and more — has a consistent underlying theme:  Our state has taken a bad turn, and those striving to correct it are struggling to gain a foothold. We can save the Ocean State!  People still have their consciences and…

Hasbro building on a red sky

At this point, just assume that every company and organization is out to indoctrinate your children.

By Justin Katz | July 23, 2021 |

In recent years, one worrisome question as political stories have unfolded has been:  Where are the whistleblowers? James O’Keefe has found another one for Project Veritas.  David Johnson is a packaging contractor with Rhode Island–based toy company Hasbro, who is also a Black man, and couldn’t watch the company go down the path of using packaging…

GoFundMe Campaign Not Found

GoFundMe’s bigotry has become so predictable.

By Justin Katz | July 23, 2021 |

Speaking with John DePetro this week, I suggested that competing GoFundMe campaigns around the controversy on Sayles Street in Providence showed a healthy social response to cancel culture and institutional biases.  I did predict, however, by way of noting it as something to keep an eye out for, that GoFundMe would cancel one campaign and…

"Injustice Won't Be Postponed" sign

Turning students into trend-following activists is not evidence of civics “proficiency.”

By Justin Katz | July 23, 2021 |

The headline over Alexa Gagosz’s Boston Globe article is misleading: “Civics proficiency now a requirement for all Rhode Island public school graduates.” Just look: … this new law does not necessarily require that students take a separate civics course or civics exam. Instead, individual school districts will determine how their students can “demonstrate proficiency” because according…

U.S. Capitol Building

Those who control the Census count control the relative power of each state and the direction of the country.

By Justin Katz | July 22, 2021 |

The link may be a little stale, at this point, but no local mainstream sources that I’ve seen have reported the suspicious revisions of the U.S. Census count, despite the obvious interest to Rhode Island, so it’s worth a mention.  Here’s Stephen Moore, writing in Rasmussen Reports: There is something very fishy about the new 2020…

Tiverton Town Hall

A local charter can never be clear enough to thwart local officials with no respect for their community.

By Justin Katz | July 22, 2021 |

On Tiverton Fact Check, I’ve posted an update on efforts to block residents from putting budget proposals on the ballot of our financial town referendum.  The upshot is that it’s not good. In the course of declining to intervene and force the Board of Canvassers to reverse its refusal to allow voters to consider other options…

South Kingstown schools logo

Advocacy Solutions took one for the insider team in South Kingstown.

By Justin Katz | July 21, 2021 |

The South Kingstown school department has provided Anchor Rising with a little bit more detail on the hiring of a PR firm to handle the matter of local mom Nicole Solas (and to criticize her): Then Chair and School Committee member Emily Cummiskey reached out to the District’s legal counsel, wanting to quickly respond to a…

Lincoln Memorial

When CRT advocates say they want to teach “the good and the bad,” we should ask if they’re even teaching “the good.”

By Justin Katz | July 21, 2021 |

I’ve got an article on the site of Accuracy in Media noting that the providers of mainstream news seem more interested in making sure that schools teach what’s negative in U.S. history than in ensuring a balanced education: American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten insists that teachers in her union will and must “teach…

Buildings in Providence

Free gifts for tourists doesn’t seem like the best use of federal COVID money but might make hotel lobbyists happy.

By Justin Katz | July 21, 2021 |

When Governor Dan McKee floated the idea of using “leftover federal stimulus funds” to hand out up to 100,000 gift cards to Rhode Islanders back in May, I made note to follow the story because I wasn’t sure whether it was a good idea or a meh idea.  If this just-announced program is the same…

Support Your Local Planet Protest Sign

Why is public education one industry progressives won’t destroy in the name of justice?

By Justin Katz | July 20, 2021 |

With the various economic and education-related stories that have tumbled through my awareness lately, I had a somewhat random thought. We all know from the news that progressives will destroy entire industries — driving up costs for everybody in a regressive way, ruining their fellow Americans’ productive investments, telling workers to find other jobs —…

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