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An electric car charging

Reality Pulls the Plug on Even a Modest EV Fleet Target

By Monique Chartier | September 25, 2023 |

Excellent work by Jim Hummel of the Hummel Report with this investigative report, published on the front page of yesterday’s Providence Journal, pertaining to a state mandate that 25% of its vehicles be electric; i.e., zero emission. The goal was to make one quarter of the state’s light duty vehicle fleet EV’s by 2025.  So…

RI Policy on Transgender Students: Ed Commissioner, RIDE, Governor Mum So Far

By Monique Chartier | September 18, 2023 |

Current Rhode Island public school policy on transgender and gender nonconforming students was formally passed as a regulation in April 2018 by the Council on Elementary and Secondary Education and then-Education Commissioner Ken Wagner under the authority of the governor. Anchor Rising made the following inquiry by e-mail last month of the Rhode Island Council…

Ballot Integrity, Not Unrealistic Deadlines, Needs to be Paramount for RI BOE

By Monique Chartier | August 8, 2023 |

Update: The RI BOE voted 5-2 today to review all of the signatures on Sabina Matos’ nomination papers. Ms. Matos is on the Democrat primary ballot for the RI CD1 special election and ballots have already been mailed out to military and out-of-country voters. It is unclear if the outcome of the BOE’s review would…

John Kerry: Zero Emissions by China and US (and Rhode Island) Not Enough

By Monique Chartier | August 1, 2023 |

Last week came the good news (for our electric bills) that Rhode Island Energy, formerly National Grid, had declined the Revolution Wind 2 offshore wind proposal. A week prior, John Kerry, President Biden’s Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, departed from China without accomplishing his mission; namely, to … use climate co-operation to redefine their [US…

A wind farm at sea

Rhode Island Energy (National Grid) Correctly Nixes Revolution Wind 2

By Monique Chartier | July 23, 2023 |

A lot going on, I know; e.g.,everybody good with their nomination signatures to get on the CD1 ballot …? But I didn’t want to let this go by without flagging. Citing “higher proposed contract costs”, Rhode Island Energy, formerly National Grid, announced Tuesday that it declined the Revolution Wind 2 offshore wind proposal, the sole…

Justice for Jeann Lugo Despite the Defamatory Video

By Monique Chartier | April 27, 2023 |

Jeann Lugo was acquitted in November of simple assault against Jennifer Rourke at the State House melee last June. The other criminal charge against Lugo, disorderly conduct, had been dismissed in August. Now a three member panel of police officers, in a process arising out of LEOBOR, has unanimously voted to set aside the firing of…

Governor McKee and a relevant screenshot

Governor McKee Refuses to Explain Highly Selective Enforcement Against Dr. Skoly

By Monique Chartier | February 16, 2023 |

Late last month, Dr. Stephen Skoly’s legal team, New Civil Liberties Alliance, filed a response to the State of Rhode Island’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit he had filed for “arbitrarily and unlawfully” ending his surgical practice and for violating his First Amendment rights.

A house made of money

Ninety Million “Super” Contradictions to RI Officials’ Statements about Homelessness

By Monique Chartier | December 18, 2022 |

Addressing homelessness requires tracing the economic causes to their roots, including (for example) money provided to politically connected projects like the Superman Building rehab.

Judge Wisely Disregards Maliciously Misinformed Mob in Jeann Lugo Ruling

By Monique Chartier | November 17, 2022 |

Judge Joseph Terence Houlihan yesterday acquitted then-police officer Jeann Lugo of simple assault at the June 24 melee at the State House, finding that Lugo was trying to break free from Rourke who was restraining him from entering the “melee” that occurred at the rally. Kudos to Judge Houlihan for issuing this wise and thoughtful…

Toll Verdict – RI Highway Spending Sixth Highest BEFORE Truck Tolls

By Monique Chartier | September 21, 2022 |

“Permanently enjoined” – in a methodical, 90+ page ruling, federal district court Judge William Smith has turned thumbs down on Rhode Island’s truck-only tolls, noting that they are discriminatory, that they do not “fairly approximate use of the facilities” and that they violate the Commerce Clause of the United States Constitution. Click here for an…