Even By Her Own Metric, Rhode Island’s Education Commissioner Has to Step Down

The Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity has called for the removal of Rhode Island Education Commissioner Angelica Infante-Green. They make their case here.

I echo their call.

During her tenure, Education Commissioner Angelica Infante-Green has failed to implement successful education reforms. She has instead prioritized questionable, experimental, non-education initiatives in Rhode Island’s K-12 schools

She has perpetuated the state’s disturbing, highly dubious K-12 transgender policy while refusing to explain how it is in the best interest of our children.

She introduced the neo-racism of critical race theory (while she and RIDE denied this was happening) which falsely teaches innocent, strong children of color that they are impuissant victims and innocent white children that they are oppressors and victimizers.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, she supported mask mandates on students despite extensive data and evidence that they were unnecessary for the public health and actually harmful to students and their learning, especially in the area of speech.

It is important to note that Ms. Infante-Green’s execution as Education Commissioner has been in sharp contrast to her original, stated goals upon taking the position in 2019.

This is about solutions, about moving forward and providing the best education possible. …

“Students in other states perform well,” she told reporters. “But our goal is to out-perform those students.

It would be interesting to know how much of RIDE’s turn away from education has been at the direction of Governor Dan McKee or if it was largely at Ms. Infante-Green’s initiative. Either way, she has failed to provide “the best education possible”. And the results are clear in Rhode Island’s student (non)achievement.

The focus of RIDE needs to return to education and advancing the best interests of children. It is clear that this cannot happen under the current leadership. For the sake of our children and K-12 education achievement in Rhode Island, Ms. Infante-Green needs to step down or be removed as Education Commissioner as the first step of RIDE returning to its core, critical mission of education.

If the concerns that the Center and/or I have outlined strike a chord with you, please consider adding your name to this call.

Featured Image by Element5 Digital via Unsplash

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